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Gone are the days when we all suffered the hassles of deploying software applications and incur high costs while dealing with complexities of acquiring and managing the underlying hardware and software layers. Due to the amazing benefits of cloud computing, many businesses globally are shifting to the cloud as they realize the advantages are not just about efficiency but also to a great extent very cost effective.

Mobile App Development India

Especially deployment of mobile application on the cloud is a growing trend where today almost all the mobile apps are being deployed on the cloud. There are few requirements that need to be fulfilled for the mobile app before you move to a cloud platform. Here, the catch is selection of the IT Partner that can guide you on the right path. Being an IT company, we realize the importance of cloud computing as an innovation and thus we wish to guide you on the same so that you make the right decision.


Eligibility Criteria for Cloud Platform

  • Apps built in the last 15 years and your cloud supports the scripting language used for developing the solution then it should have easy migration options to the cloud.
  • Consideration of the data that is largely decoupled with the core application.
  • Factors like security, compliance and governance requirements.
  • Support needed at the encryption levels.

Cloud Migration Approaches:

Partial Refactoring

One of the most hassle free ways to migrate to the cloud can be choosing Partial Refactoring. In this migration approach, you just need to make few changes to the code and data as permissible. The stage where one needs to be careful is that cloud native awareness improves the application capabilities or effectiveness. This should be executed without changing the overall performance and features of the mobile app. Talk to mobile application specialist for partial refactoring migration to a cloud platform.

Complete Refactoring

In the case of complete refactoring, one will need to rewrite the application and it should be made sure that it is a cloud native. This approach requires facilities in the mobile application that can scale and provide with usage of native APIs to take the transition. Also, complete refactoring approach will let you take the advantage of other features supported by the native cloud.

Rebuild or Replace

This approach is about discarding the current code and code again to suit to the requirements of the cloud. This may be in the case of those mobile apps that do not suffice the requirements for the transition to the cloud. So the wise thing would be to re-develop the solution for the cloud and then deploy it on the cloud. This basically applies only after the rest of the approaches are considered.

Why You Should Migrate to the Cloud?

  • Undoubtedly Flexible
  • Highly Scalable
  • Quality, Reliability & Continuity
  • Integration Friendly

Compelling Numbers –

“19 % of EU enterprises used cloud computing in 2014, mostly for hosting their e-mail systems and storing files in electronic form.46 % of those firms used advanced cloud services relating to financial and accounting software applications, customer relationship management or to the use of computing power to run business applications.”- as reported by

88 percent of organizations are using public cloud while 63 percent are using private cloud (Source:

Looking to Shift to the Cloud?

In order to make the shift to the cloud, it is much important to make sure that you are selecting the right IT partner that provides you with consultancy on the following aspects:

  • The Migration Approach
  • Defined Requirements
  • Preparation of Deployment on Cloud
  • Development and Testing Before Deployment
  • Support During Development Stages
  • Removal or Addition of Required New Feature for Cloud Based Solution
  • Support and Maintenance Post Deployment

To consult an expert in cloud based mobile app development, you can click here: and get a deeper understanding of this transition. The added advantage is we are Outsourcing Mobile App Development from India so you get high quality solution at cost effective prices from mobile development specialistsHelios Solutions as an IT company comes with an experience combined with knowledge and expertise in technologies for web & softwareCMS & eCommerce and mobile development. Let us help you to take this journey of migration to a cloud based platform smoothly.

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