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Is your app optimized for the app store? We hope you are not hearing to this statement for the first time. Is it necessary to optimize your app at the app store?  Now you have many questions in mind.

Although this a new concept among technology enthusiasts and technology professionals, but this has existed for a long time now. It is just that increasing number of apps and the competition among brands is compelling businesses to optimize their mobile apps on the App Store.

App Store Optimization

What is ASO – App Store Optimization?

ASO – App Store Optimization is a process of optimizing mobile application on various application platforms enabling them to rank high, increase their visibility and top the search index in a particular category. It is a process of improving the visibility of your mobile application (such as AndroidiPhoneiPadBlackBerry or Windows)

App Store Optimization is one of the trending topics among the mobile app developers because while developing an app, a developer needs to consider a few things from optimization point of view.

So how does it really make a difference and is it necessary?

Yes, when it comes to mobile app, it is a challenge to get downloads and also make it interesting enough to always fight for the place in your user’s smart phones. So one big reason for App Store Optimization is definitely increasing the number of downloads.

With more mobile apps being developed to cater to the niche audience, it becomes difficult to stand out as there is severe competition surrounding you. Also there are times when you as a person can get a lot of attention from the responses of those standing in the line. Optimization will not just help you in being visible on the App store but also maintain your position in the search of app for your users.

Understand why you need to have App Store Optimization?

Before you go about optimizing your app, let us inform you that if you are in the development stage, then you should talk to your mobile application specialist about getting started with the optimization also. You can learn more about mobile app development for businesses here

App sales are a $25 billion industry as reported by WSJ. There are billions of smartphones in the world and thus the increasing demand for mobile apps. Moreover, the app market is expected to reach new heights with the advent of wearable technology where requirement and development of mobile apps is going to change completely.

You need to optimize your apps not only because apps are a big business but because users and customers are looking for these applications. According to a report published by Apptentive, 65% of iOS app customers report browsing in the app store to discover new apps.

App Store-Optimization

 Source: Apptentive

Few Myths of App Store Optimization

  • Change the Title Often

Do not change the title many times or frequently, this will not let your audience have recognition with your app brand. Select a title and stick to it, generate a recall value.

  • Keywords are unimportant

Keywords are very important. If you have not included keywords in your app descriptions then you must act now!

  • App Popularity is about the Ratings

Well, ratings cannot really present the real picture about the application’s popularity. If you know how ratings work, then you will not subscribe to this myth. Only, don’t overdo it and make your content boring or mundane. Get your practical brains working?

  • If it is on the store, it’s good!

Thinking that it is enough to be on App store and people will find you, turns out, is false. You need to do much more to stand out and top the search list. Optimize yourself and make the most of it.

For App Store Optimization, the main requirements are a good partner who is well aware of what is needed for optimizing your mobile app.  For tips for App Store Optimization, read 5 Ways to Optimize Mobile Apps!

What you need to look for?

  • Ensure your partner is highly experienced in developing mobile apps. (Prefer Mobile Application Specialist)

  • Experience in Development Technology and Knowledge of App Store Optimization (As it is fairly new)

  • Select Outsourcing Mobile Application Development India (Comparative Prices & High Quality Solutions)

Let the EXPERTS Take Care of It

At Helios Solutions, it is very important to know what is your app about, it is important that you conduct an in-depth analysis of your app audiences habits and preferences. Figure the right keywords that are most searched in the context of your app content but be careful that you don’t stuff it too much. Let the experts take care of it; start now App Store Optimization now.

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