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Does your business have a mobile app? In this mobile era, contemporary consumers prefer to spend considerable amount of time on their phones rather than on desktops.

As per comscore, 50% of the time spent by individuals on digital media is on mobile apps. This infers that just having a business website is not sufficient anymore.

Being a mobile app development company, we have enabled many businesses to leverage the benefits of mobile app to stay relevant and profitable.


1) Enhance your visibility

Contemporary consumers constantly face the paralyzing problem of too many choices. Whether they are buying a product or selecting a vendor for a service they are always spoilt with too many options to explore.

And guess what, this options are increasing more than ever. Your business mobile app would remind your customers about you. Even when they are offline, your app icon simply residing in their app list would help your brand occupy a decent space in your customers’ mind. 

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2) Become available anytime, anywhere

Your customers are undoubtedly the most important people of your business. They could be your biggest advocates or most painful critics based on what they have to say about your product or service.

However, you are not left with any other option than wooing them. Therefore, prior to considering any product innovation it is of paramount importance to keep their needs and issues in mind.

As per Statista, the number of smartphone users would spike to 2.53 billion by the end of this year. So, why not make the most of this channel to be with your customers all the time, know them better and gain their valuable insights.


3) Reinforce your brand image

Your brand image plays a pivotal role in making your business succeed. A mobile app is no more a differentiator, rather its a business imperative. Without a mobile app, your business would appear outdated and far away from modern trends. This in turn can affect your business performance indirectly and impact your future prospects as well.

Today’s consumers expect a streamlined experience and you can stand out by improving your capabilities through a business mobile app.

customer experience

4) Deliver an intuitive customer experience

Before getting listed in Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store, an app needs to meet with the minimum speed requirements set by the Stores. Therefore, with a mobile app you can ensure delivering a faster and seamless user experience necessary to drive higher engagement and more action by customers.

However, to maintain a superior app experience that appeals to your users and succeeds in converting them, try to leverage best app testing tools.

website traffic

5) Boost your website traffic

Do you know that Google Play and Apple app store get millions of hits every single day? This implies that if you optimize your mobile for the app store in the right manner, not only can you boost app downloads but also route targeted traffic to your website.

At the same time you can get backlinks from websites having higher domain authorities. Our mobile app development experts are adept at the science and art of app store optimization. In collaboration with our SEO experts, they can select and place the right frequency of keywords to increase the visibility of your business.

customers better

6) Know your customers better

To better serve your customers, it is of utmost importance to have detailed customer data. And your mobile app can play a significant role in gathering customer data for your business.

Besides determining overall app performance, you would be also able to identify demographic segments, promising regions and customer needs through your app data.

Thus, you would be able to utilize customer insights to enhance your products with new features that meet with customer needs or identify new opportunities for your business.


7) Drive purchase via relevant ads

Advertisements today can no longer rely on demographic data only. Your ads need to be delightful as well as contextually relevant at the same time.

You can win over your customers and drive sales by catering to human emotions and creating value in real time for them. For instance, by sending contextually relevant ads you can target consumers and at the same time fulfill their need in that moment and thus trigger sales.

revenue channel

8) Open up a new revenue channel

Your app can open a new revenue channel for your business as there are many ways to monetize an app. For instance, in-app advertisements could be one or you can also consider introducing paid features in your app.

You can offer some features for free and some premium features with a price tag. The photo-editing apps often use this strategy for app monetization.


9) Integrate social media platforms

Today’s consumers are app savvy and social at the same time. Yes, they remain connected with their family and friends digitally. Mobile apps integrated with social media platforms play a meaningful role in this.

social media platforms

So, you must consider including social media channels in your app, so that your customers can easily share your products and services in their social circles. Also allow them to sign in to your app via Facebook or Twitter.

Your customers would appreciate this gesture and happy customers are most likely to remain loyal to your brand.

business value effectively

10) Deliver business value effectively

With a mobile app at your disposal, it would be easier for you to create loyalty programs for your customers and keep them connected to your brand. Moreover, you would also be able to deliver your products and services in a better, timely and effective manner..


11) Become location-independent

Your mobile app allows your business to become location independent and enables your customers and employees to stay connected with your business across different time zones.

With location tracking you can send your customers contextually relevant notifications and trigger their feelings to make a purchase. This would definitely drive and spike loyalty as your customers get the right solution at the right place and right time.

Increase brick

12) Increase brick and mortar sale

With a mobile app you can also drive sales of your brick and mortar stores. You can target your customers through different marketing campaigns and drive more actions from them.

You can also use location-based notifications to inform your users about the latest deals and discounts going on at their nearby stores.

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customer loyalty

13) Cultivate customer loyalty

Another crucial reason you should consider for building a mobile app for your business is to maintain a genuine connection with your customers. Remember, you are not alone in the market; you are competing with many other brands who are constantly advertising about their products and services.

So, it is quite likely that if you are not in constant touch with your customers you may easily lose your impact on them. A mobile app is just what you need to establish that bonding with your audience and thereby drive loyalty towards your brand.

customer engagement

14) Enhance customer engagement

Researchers have found that 83% of all the smartphone users begin their day by looking at different apps. As the level of engagement received by mobile apps surpasses the time spent on websites, your business can definitely leverage this opportunity to generate revenues for your business.

targeted action

15) Encourage targeted action

Mobile apps can effectively drive targeted actions from users as increased engagement can encourage increased action. As already mentioned, with relevant and contextual push notifications you can fulfill your customers’ needs and drive your sales.

Summing up

You now know what benefits you are missing out by not having a mobile app for your business. What are you waiting for? Why not reach out to our mobile app development experts with your mobile app idea and leverage the aforementioned benefits for your business.

You can also drop down your thoughts in the comments below and be the first to begin a conversation.

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