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The product description page is very important for any Ecommerce Website, as it is this page that helps the consumers decide whether to buy the product or not. The product page of a website is a moment of truth for the online business. A well designed product page, not only encourages customers to make a purchase but it also helps the website rank higher in search engine results.

E-commerce Development Specialist

Here are few guidelines to follow:

Original and unique content:

Most of them just copy paste the manufacturer’s content and use it to describe the product. Doing this can actually hurt the SEO of the website. Many companies do this and it becomes easy to get lost in the crowd.  Therefore, it is very important to create content that is unique and describes the product in the best possible way.

Content with relevant keywords:

It is vital to include relevant keywords in the product description; this will benefit the SEO and also reassure the visitors about the product. However make sure not to include too many keywords, it would only make the content sound robotic and disjointed. Instead, write a description naturally by making it sound personal and friendly to attract more visitors.

Product stories:

The product description should be interesting and exciting to read. The best way to engage customers would be to turn the product details into stories, like:

  • Where the product comes from
  • How was it made
  • What inspired it
  • Who made it

Including the product’s history will make the product description sound less like a sales pitch and more like a friend telling how great the product is. This will make the product stand out in competition and make customers want to know more about the brand.

Consider target language:

Product description should direct all communication towards appropriate target audience. It would be a good practice to target customers with language appealing to the appropriate demographic. This would make customers feel comfortable and at ease.

Following the above steps will help attract more visitors and increase revenue.

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