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Bridging the Cultural & Communication Gap

Workplaces around the globe are taking advantage of the opportunity of being linked virtually through technology. However, many businesses fail to recognize that this kind of collaboration has to be managed skillfully. The project manager of the team should be able to apply his insights and techniques to guide the performance and relationship with the employee in order to gain success in the project.

Here are few points to follow to make this collaboration work:

Communication: IT Outsourcing Partner

Choosing the right communication tools:

Depending on the needs, choose a right type of communication tool –

  • Email: For quick communication. Most of the email communication can be replaced by project management system.
  • Chat programs: Skype and Google+ are the best and most used instant social messengers for chat, which creates great team chat environment.
  • Phone/Video Calls: Some of the important issues related to bugs or performance issues should be handled over the phone, and for better visual cues of what is going on with the project, video chats are the best way of communication.

Collaboration on documents and spreadsheets: Google drive can be a great option for people using documents that can be edited by everyone in the team. Many project management systems also have features that can helps to share documents within the team. This is the best way of intimating the team about the documents rather than sending an e-mail to each of them.

Tools for video or visual communication: Not being able to communicate with the team face-to-face is a downside of remote collaboration, however these days there are various technology tools that can help get rid of these issues. Many of these tools are free to use within the team, such as; team-viewer,, Skype, etc.


Software PartnerAllow a degree of flexible working hours, while still keeping the consistency: Individuals working from home would definitely want a sense of flexibility to work. If the system is totally erratic, it would become difficult for the team members get a shared collaboration window.

Track the productivity: Asking for a report from each one helps to keep a track on the productivity and the project, hence it is vital to keep a close look on the team by whichever way possible. Transparency among the team member is a great way to keep the productivity in check.

A quarterly review to check the problems the team members are facing: it is crucial to keep in regular touch with the team members to check if they are facing any problems, if so, help them get a solution and keep the team intact.

Doing everything to keep the team adjoined and giving them a feeling of being collaborated with the team and the company will help in the success of working remotely.

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