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Well, everyone had to talk about mobile app trends and IoT or even machine learning trends this year. But we don’t wish to miss out on the game lovers! Technology has got much in store for the gaming world. Especially in this era of ‘Mobile First’, the world of gaming is taking another shape. Cutting it short, let us see what the virtual world of mobile gaming got for us this year.

mobile app development

A vision of hypothetical future has been innovated to create interactive experiences

Those fanatics who are learning to develop games and contributing to the innovations in gaming are about to explore a whole new level of gaming culture! Technology in the last year saw innovations, since we established a bi directional relationship between main stream journalism and blogging medium we entered bidirectional flow of communication experiencing the virtual becoming real!

Gear up to the secrets of the Gaming World – Future of Gaming!

Immersive Gaming

Ever had a thought of living that virtual game? Well, if you have then there is something very interesting coming your way. And the developers are going to be able create and develop games that will enable users to experience the virtual world in real. Immersive Gaming – Immersion in to virtual reality. There are kinds of immersive gaming:

  • Tactical Immersion
  • Strategic Immersion
  • Narrative Immersion
  • Spatial Immersion

Technology experts across the globe are constantly making efforts to develop better system for elating gaming experiences where 3 dimensional (3 D) is already taking the gaming world by the stream. There are two technologies ruling the immersive gaming development, namely –

Microsoft Illumini Room

Microsoft Research ( ) has contributed towards development and innovations for virtual gaming. This technology by Microsoft research – Illumni Room that augments the area surrounding a television screen with projected visualizations to enhance the traditional living room entertainment experience (As defined by ) .  This technology elates the viewer’s visual experience by using geometry. That is a bit complex, let us simplify it for you. It lets you feel the appearance of your living room and projecting games on walls and furniture surrounding on the TV. Precisely, your home is can become any digital environment depending on the game you’re playing. – Check out the full demonstration

Oculus Rift

We are amazed with the development process of this technology, looks really pleasing and it is very challenging at the same time. This technology is bringing about a change by offering a 110 degree field of view, an ultra low latency head tracking system and immersive stereoscopic 3D rendering capabilities. This is creating a very interesting display which is responsive and contains head turning motion control. – a link to the official website.

Living the virtual dream is coming true! Now, you can be in your virtual world of gaming. Who wishes to see how the battle ground looks like? Well, here is your chance!

Multi Screen Gaming – Multi Monitor

Having multi screens while gaming can better performance while playing the game. Multi screen gaming is a multi head basically using multiple physical display for devices in order to increase the area. Technology is enabling gamers to perform other task without really having to use pause every time. Now gamers can use primary screens where use of television is not necessary.

Those technologies enabling such ease and good functionality while gaming are –

Wii U

Wii U’s GamePad is a controller developed with various functions to manage tasks while in the game, it has availed touch screen capabilities that lets you manage inventory or access map. This acts like a smaller screen in place of television with better features to make gaming easier and fun.


This is a technology introduced by Microsoft that is enabling the users to perform tasks through a compatible mobile device. It can also be used to surf other shows and movies without leaving the current screen. It is also used as a remote to navigate the Xbox Dashboard.

Sony Cross Play

This interesting technology is a gaming feature that will help you play across devices. So if you are playing on PlayStation 3 and wish to resume the game in PlayStation Vita, this technology will help you make that transition very smoothly.

Gaming on the Cloud – Cloud Computing Gaming

Why are technology experts advising businesses and institutions to shift to cloud? This is because cloud is enabling cost effective and easy solutions. The gaming industry is looking at a change of Cloud Gaming!  This will help gamers in sharing of files, videos or stream through games on the cloud, while on the go! Isn’t it amazing?

Methods to sharing on Cloud

Video Streaming

With a cloud, gamers can stream a video on the cloud without using a console or PC. With cloud computing in picture,’ mobile first’ capabilities are becoming important. Thus, resulting in such development where gamers can access to stream games online.

File Streaming

File streaming uses a mobile or PC or console, you can transfer or stream files through the cloud and download game to get started. Users can have access to the game with low latency and low bandwidth.

Cutting Short

Looking at the above mentioned trends, the gaming industry can expect many interesting innovations in the future of gaming development. Also, gamers can expect to have lived the virtual dreams. Keep tuned for more such blog on gaming from the gaming experts. To get a clear picture on what cloud computing is, visit So until we see you next time, keep that console moving!

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