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Google has decided to include a buy button on all the product searches made by the users. This feature will enable users to buy from Google itself instead of going to a separate site.


This will reduce some friction for users, so they can make a purchase online without having to go somewhere else.

The feature will make it easier for the users to buy products that are featured in the shopping ads that appear alongside the search results.

Google currently charges a certain premium to the retailers for competing to appear in a prominent position in the search results followed by a relevant search query, hence buying products through searches will be a key revenue earner for Google.

Google believes that the smartphones and tablets are the future of e commerce, hence ‘Google buy’ is set to be available only for mobile sites, since this search giant lately changed it’s algorithm to favour mobile optimised sites.

This new feature might have alarmed many merchants, however the companies should take this positively and also the retailers should acknowledge the benefits of investing in getting the site mobile optimised.

 Today’s customers expect to make a safe transaction from their mobile devices, and organisations that are falling back in providing mobile optimised transaction will lose their face in this fast growing e-commerce market.

 This initiative of Google is based on the increased number of smartphones users. The searches done on smartphones outnumber the ones that are done through desktops.

 Retailers will still be selling their products, with Google simply providing easy access.

 Although, Google has apparently decided not to take a cut of purchases made from this new program, however the companies will still be paying Google for their advertisement.

 The buy button will basically direct the shopper to an individual Google page, where the users will be asked to fill out the purchase and then submit the payment information directly to Google, this order will be further passed on to the retailer to fulfil it.

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