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According to various media sources, Google and Twitter recently partnered in a deal. The result of this deal can be seen in Google’s Search Engine Results, which shows tweets for popular searches.

Twitter’s announced that they have partnered with the search giant in order to bring real-time content to the search result pages. However, for now they are just calling this “small experiments” in mobile search, and are yet to announce more information about this partnership.  This new deal does give Google an opportunity to gather more information.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media website other than Facebook, although the two sites offer different experiences. Twitter still focuses to stay relevant in a market of competition. Partnering with Google might just be another way to do so. Twitter has gradually become a valuable resource for information and its new partnership may be the key to something bigger.

There are still very few details as to how this deal will work, although it is predicted that the tweets will appear much like they currently do, with relevant posts integrated into search results. Only now, Google will have more comprehensive data to crawl. The tweets won’t be given any special preferences in ranking. While there won’t be any real time section for tweets, the tweets that will appear in the search result would most likely be recent.

For Google this is one of the vital steps to for tailoring its search results to user’s individual queries. The tweets contain highly specific and timely contents, which enhance the search results by providing access to real time tweets and diversify the content users are exposed to and potentially create a much more relevant and useful search experience.

This actually is a great idea, as it would save user’s time from having to click the links to twitter, thus saving them one extra step. It would also help users to pull a variety of information from twitter via Google which could also help convince brands/companies or users to try out the service if they haven’t already.

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