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Drupal8 release this November has been making noise across the globe among Drupal developers and Drupal experts. There are more than 200 new features of Drupal 8 introduced with this version – Drupal 8.0.0. The further shall explain why you should select Drupal as your technology for web solutions.

drupal 8

Our Drupal Experts are ready for the new features:

1. Authorization Personified

The authorization interface in the new version has been split in two regions. Drupal8 brings one screen for the content editing and one for the settings. The authorization at every level is highly personalized and avails users with ease. CKEditor feature allows ease in control over details like image alignment, captions and more.


2. The Core has More

Finally after the Drupal 8 is out, curiosity among the developers is fed. Waiting for what the core has to offer? This time you will not be disappointed. You can create lists for users, events, practically any kind of list you want without a module. The core now offers Views. You can customize your admin view and set different responsive styles for every image. The custom block creation is availed with fields, translation and revision.

3. Enhanced Customization

Yes, with Drupal 8, customization gets better. The new version allows management of authority at every level with WYSIWYG features which are specifically created to enable Drupal 8 with improvements in content features. It lets you organize content and keep it neat. The editor allows clean markup and formatting tools. Also, the drag-and-drop configuration UI for adding and removing editor buttons is the added advantage with the ‘change settings’ feature. The structure offers turn guidelines for content modeling. You can create custom block types with your specialized settings. Functions like email link, phone, entity reference and date fields are now a structured by default.

4. Accessibility Redefined

You can mark content with attributes and make it convenient for use which is availed by WAI – ARAI techniques and HTML 5 semantic mark-ups. This version also brings improvements in the navigation. You can figure menus, banners and content areas. These methods are incorporated by Drupal to the admin toolbar which is also revived which adapts to the screen widths that avails in better readability availing users with ease.


Few Questions that you might have in mind:

How to update my modules?

It is extremely easy to update to the new version. Here is your link to the update: and if you wish to look into the changes then visit: you wish to upgrade the documentation, click here: . This should make your life easier.  If you cannot figure the same, get in touch with the Drupal Specialists at Helios and we will figure it out for you.

What size of organization can use Drupal 8?

The features of Drupal till date have suited all sizes of organizations and even with the new version in place, it appeals to every business and profession. Be it a hobby or a non-profit organization, development with Drupal 8 can just do the needful. It offers more than 200 features that have made building and management easier.

All those waiting to use Drupal8, here is your chance finally. Go ahead, make amazing websites with Drupal8 and please your clients and associates. The features with this version lets you have fun with it, the experience for developers and the users is pleasing. We hope this read was useful, we are Drupal Specialists who are into Outsourcing Drupal Development India.

We love technology and keep trying to make development better with every project. If you are a business or a professional, get in touch with Drupal Experts at Helios Solutions if you are looking for development with Drupal8ask for a quote.

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