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Well, it is fair to say that buyers are the roots for any eCommerce store. Store owners spend a lot of time and energy to engage as many as potential customers to their stores.

But it is also equally important for you to invest your time and energy on getting as many as “repeat” buyers, which in result, would help you as a store owner to get the desired sales results.

When you have a certain customer base, the next challenge that surfaces in front of you is how to get them (the customers) back and keep them engaged.

E-commerce Development Specialist

This article will provide you with the easiest of tips on how to increase the repeat orders on your eCommerce store.

How about a Discount Code?

Enclosing a discount code within the order is one of the most efficient ways to increase the rate of purchases. It is important to note down that, customers favor shipping discounts more rather than discounts that are specific to only certain number of products.

Do a Fantastic Job

This is one of the best ways on getting repeat buyers. You need to deliver on your promises. If you have promised your customer, that delivery of their desired product will be done in 3 days, make sure it is done in 3 or less. If time doesn’t favor you, reach out to your customer and explain them why the shipment got delayed and what efforts you are taking in delivering their product as soon as possible. These kinds of treatments are always welcomed by customers.

Remind Your Customers That You Still Exist

It is important to know that, your customers should not forget about you. If you have new stocks in your store, remind them about it. Keep it very casual as it shouldn’t look like you are forcing them to buy something. When you do this, they know that your store exist and your store have decent range of products that they can buy right away or say in the near future.

Special Occasions

Well, this is a tricky one. It might be a surprising gesture or just might be a creepy one. Well, generally people are happy on their birthday. If you contact them on their birthday and offer some discounts (no matter small one) as a gift from you to them, they are likely to feel happy about it and might just buy something there and then.

This might feel like too much of a hassle for acquiring one order but that is not the case. You did something that made the customer happy and would oblige them to stick with you in the near future. Again, this would improve the relationship the customer will have with your brand and they would easily remember your store, when in a need of buying a product in the near future. E-commerce Development Experts community can guide through enough strategies that would help you increase the repeat buyers.

To conclude, these are some of the very basic tips that would help you get repeat buyers and help you achieve the desired sales results.

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