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Want to create a JavaScript-based application or website? Choosing the right framework is of paramount importance as it will significantly impact your ability to deliver on time as well as maintain your code later or rather say, it will affect the overall success of your project. You will probably be spoilt for choice as almost every month a new JavaScript framework is introduced and the existing ones are often updated. Consequently, understanding advantages of the frameworks and how they differ from one another is a daunting task.

We are bringing you the comparison of three widely-used and extremely popular JavaScript frameworksAngularJS, ReactJS and Ember.js – so that you can learn about the strengths of each one and after correlating those with your project’s needs you can determine which one is right for your application.



This JavaScript framework is powered by Google which enhances HTML for your web application. The earlier version of this framework uses Model View Controller (MVC) architecture (Angular 1) and the next version uses Model-View-View Model (MVVM) architecture (Angular 2). The latter is a completely rewritten version; hence the features vary a lot between them. It also uses two-way data binding, i.e., data is synchronized between the model and the view. Our team of AngularJS experts state that its dependency injection is just next level.

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ReactJS, introduced and powered by Facebook, is an open-source JavaScript library built for creating user interfaces (UIs) effortlessly. It is focused on the ‘view’ in Model View Controller architecture and hence designs simple views for each state in your app. This JavaScript framework is aimed at solving efficient updating and rendering of large data sets.


This JavaScript framework was originated as SproutCore but renamed as Ember.js by Facebook after its acquisition. It is designed keeping developer ergonomics in mind, boosts their productivity and mainly focuses on providing scalability to your ambitious web applications. Its Handlebars integrated templates make you write less code and when the underlying data changes, the templates get updated automatically.

Although all these three frameworks are the best bet, which one will become the perfect fit for your project depends on its requirements. Each one can be suitable for different types of applications; just you need to have an in depth understanding of its benefits. However, AngularJS is the most popular among these three and it is more like one size fits all solution. Using this framework will not only organize your code by adding structure to it but also make the development process easier, thus bring more flexibility and scalability to your app.

We are an AngularJS Web Development Agency adept at creating competitive web apps. Reach out to us with your project needs and stay assured of a professional and cost-effective solution.

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  1. Angular and ReactJS both are considered as the most popular frameworks of JavaScript, both are different. The difference is Angular is large and ReactJS extremely lightweight library for organizing front end components, both are useful to accomplish the same thing.

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