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In the incessantly evolving tech world, change is the only constant in the mobile app development space for it is advancing at a shocking pace. The app marketplaces are aflood with thousands of apps; however, app quality and performance have always surpassed brand loyalty when it comes to app retention. As a result, user experience continues to be the reigning champion among the significant factors deciding success of your app. So, we bring you few proven strategies that our team of mobile app development experts have always included in app development process:

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Revolve your ideas around new trends

As user expectations are rising and the bar is already set very high, always keep yourself updated on the latest UX technology trends. Spin your ideas around them and grab the market with your innovative products. You need to have knowledge and skill than ever before to keep a step ahead of the competition.

Keep it Simple

The condition of contemporary apps is analogous to the serving on the platter that is exceeding the consumer’s’ appetite. Having plethora of options in a small sized screen is not a luxury but chaos which is making users confused. Let your actions resonate with the words of Hans Hofmann, “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” Hence, avoid including excessive elements and let your users seamlessly navigate within the app.

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 Make an informed guess

Knowing the mind of your customers is very crucial to the success of your app. Just knowing what appeals them isn’t enough you must know what turns them off as well. Adopting a mobile app UX analytics tool will help you identify the points of friction your users come across during app interaction and also get you the answers to the “why” your users couldn’t finish important processes like registration or checkout. You can transform this data into actionable insights and improve the success rate of your app.

 Start with your end-users

While designing the app, keep your audience at the centre so that you end up with an intuitive design. Instead of focusing on features, keep yourself in the customer’s’ shoes and ask usability questions to yourself. Do not make their life complicated with too many features or prompting them for too many permissions. Try to keep your app as user-friendly as possible.

Pick a perfect colour palette

Colours do have a profound effect on the usability of mobile apps. Choose your colours cautiously as different colours have different cultural significance as you move across the globe. So, do a little bit of research to pick the right colour in order to impart a pleasing experience to your target audience.

Build a delightful onboarding experience

User onboarding can have paramount impact on the growth of your app as if it can help users to successfully adopt and completely embrace your app. It should effectively communicate the app’s killer features and how to use them to the users. Onboarding can take several forms like interface tour, introductory video or slides, tips and so on but you need to choose the one that makes sense for your app’s functionality as well as works best for your target audience.

Hope you had a useful read! We are a mobile app development agency having years of professional experience at giving wings to your app ideas and building successful mobile apps.

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