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Once upon a time you had to install any software application that you wanted to run on your computer; now our computers have evolved and are browser based, something that we can take for granted. Today, the same radical shift is happening in the mobile landscape. You would no longer need to download your app from the play store. Yes! We are talking about progressive web app – the technology that “progressively” becomes an app as it gains more user interaction. It is neither same as native app nor it’s simply a website with responsive design or mobile optimization. According to our web development specialists, the technology that separates a progressive web app from all these aforementioned technologies is called the service worker.

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Service Worker

A service worker is basically a script that your browser runs behind the scenes, separate from a web page. The more you interact with the progressive web app via the browser, door to more features are opened that do not need a web page or user interaction, enriching your offline experiences. The current service workers support features like push notifications and background sync. It is expected that in future they will support things like geofencing and periodic sync.

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The benefits of progressive web apps

Progressive web apps, originally proposed by Google in 2015, have already begun to appeal businesses with their benefits which include:

  • Less data usage: They use notably less data and memory.
  • Less expensive: Their cost of development is significantly less than native apps.
  • Instantly available: They are widely accessible; you can avail them via websites instead of downloading from stores.
  • Offline access: This feature differentiates it from all other similar technologies; the more you trust it and use it, you can avail it even when your device is offline.
  • Ubiquitous access: They can be accessed across all hardware devices while experiencing the same look and feel.
  • More engaging: You can even engage your audience with more personalized offers or messages through push notifications.

Is it the future?

Yes, because even big tech giants including Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, and Opera feel the same way and have stated that progressive web apps are the future. Apple also is on the same page and has made positive move towards this direction. Further, these apps work on universally across all type of hardware – desktop, laptop and all mobile devices.

So, you too can earn competitive advantage for your business by becoming an early adopter. Talk to our web development experts who are conversant with this cutting edge technology. We are a Web App Development Agency adept at providing professional web development solution.

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