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Microsoft is spearheading the next revolution in computing by bringing mixed reality for everyone. Mixed reality encompasses a wide range of experiences wherein people, places and objects from your physical and virtual worlds merge together in a blended environment. With Microsoft HoloLens, the holographic computer, your world becomes your canvas in which you can naturally engage with your digital content, interact and explore them in three dimensions. As holograms are responsive to you and also to the space around you, you can easily create, collaborate and explore the ideas and work with holograms in relation to the real world.


A little over two years ago, Microsoft had grabbed the headlines worldwide about their new vision about the future of computing by presenting HoloLens to the world, for the first time. Back then the tech titan had also created a roadmap highlighting several release points for the product. But according to tips from several sources, the roadmap for HoloLens has been shuffled by Microsoft and they have sidestepped the second iteration of the device. By slipping the second version they have accelerated version three and are striving to launch it by 2019. Here is what the company has said about the recent development which however is not adding any new dimension to the aforementioned information.

“Mixed reality is the future of computing, and Microsoft HoloLens is the future and present of mixed reality. Our commitment requires no roadmap”

If you are a mixed reality enthusiast then you may see this as bad news as you won’t be able to play with the holograms with a cheaper version of HoloLens, most probably, even next year. However, with long-term strategic planning in mixed reality Microsoft is making a firm footing for the next revolution in computing. They have already announced that all new Windows 10 PC’s will be capable of supporting mixed reality applications on the HoloLens. By adjusting the roadmap for HoloLens today, they are ensuring that they remain the segment leader in the years to come as they have no competition in the present.

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