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Coming from the times when we wrote letters and struggled to make contact, today we have entered the fifth estate – The Internet, the virtual world as we call it. Everything we do today is derived by a code. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages on human kind and their minds, but we need to realize that now we are living in a virtual world created by us – The developers and coders, a world of software development.

Software Development Specialist

With so many development languages, frameworks, architectures, communities, smart phones, developers are taking software development to another level. But with changing times, we are availed with more efficient and amazing tools than ever.


The Computing World

The wave of change is looking at new design patterns of the computing world. The new microservices-focused design patterns are a set of tools that aid in building highly scalable and robust application. Also, scripting languages like Erland or PaaS tools such as AWS’s Lambda or Microsoft Azure Service Fabric are among those who account and cater to these need for changes in the design patterns. Further, making own actor-based microservice is possible using open source platforms like MQTT messaging framework and the Seneca Micrsoservice Toolkit for Node.js.

Node.js is the emerging framework

Among the development technologies, Node.js giving a cutting edge to development. It offers the largest ecosystem of open source libraries worldwide. It is basically a JavaScript framework which highly event driven and uses a non-blocking model which makes it very efficient and extremely light weight.

As for Front End Development, the scope of Node.js framework is increasing with valuable contributions from the developer community and technology giants. Today, Node.js offers one of the most innovative solutions to build server and web/mobile applications. It has found a way to have server-side implementation which will reduce the complexity of using two different languages of both ends. At the moment, several performance driven frameworks have extended the functionality of Node.js to a considerable extent. The constant updates from the community have resulted in building it with new features. Thus, in the future it is expected to take over as a development technology for Front End Development.

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Cross Platform Tools Making Building Easy

The frameworks who offer cross platform tools make it easy to build application in this age of using multiple devices and businesses moving to a mobile first era. Being responsive is become a pre-requisite for launching online. Tools like Apache Cordova are hybrid HTML environments that use runtime to deliver near native performance. Xamarin, tooling that complies familiar code into native applications. Others like iOS and Java tools by Microsoft Visual Studio make it easier to manage coding and changes in single environment.

Going Beyond!

The overall infrastructure is becoming software defined where technologies like IaaS is the foundation of the modern application platform becoming the key mechanism for deployment. Also, tools like Jenkins aid in automated building and testing processes leading to increase in integration of IDEs. What more? There is not end to this topic, more to this are the tools for configuration management that help in making a robust infrastructure and manage the description from source control services. Also, the shift to DevOps is bringing about a change in our thought process of software and hardware.

We are looking at the combination of software and hardware with modern deployment technologies where cloud computing is playing a big role.

The Ever-Expanding Cloud

As cloudy as it gets, the cloud computing is certainly taking us sky high! With so many self hosted or privately hosted cloud services, we also seeing hybrid cloud computing in picture(To know more about Hybrid Cloud Computing, click here: ), businesses globally looking at maintaining themselves through cloud computing. It is an environment that lets you function from anywhere saving costs on a big scale.

  • “19 % of EU enterprises used cloud computing in 2014, mostly for hosting their e-mail systems and storing files in electronic form.46 % of those firms used advanced cloud services relating to financial and accounting software applications, customer relationship management or to the use of computing power to run business applications.”- as reported by

  • 88 percent of organizations are using public cloud while 63 percent are using private cloud (Source:

Understanding where we are heading, what our future could be like, we think it is always better to be prepared for what is coming. We will always need techniques based on the traditional ways of software development but with the advent of so many technologies for just everything in software development, we don’t wish to fall back or would want you to fall back. So we hope you are upgraded in every front. (Ask your software development specialist)

If you are looking for any specific technology, then talk to the experienced at Helios Solutions – The Software Development Experts who have worked with more than 30 technologies with an experience of more than 12 years with outsourcing software development India. Well, we are always learning and exploring new technologies. So lets us gear up to the new and ever evolving world of technology.

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