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The New Year has begun and companies are listing the best of just everything, all the blogs are revolving around what tech trends to follow and so on. Last year witnessed much in the technology industry, from mobile first trends to cloud computing services and machine learning tools. There is a vast range of technologies that are totally taking over to better services where developers are capable of doing much more.

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But we thought let us list down something interesting for the developers. A list that could help them know the best of Hardware, Software & Cloud Computing in this year. So whatever technology it may be software or hardware – you stay updated.


The Top 10 Technologies in 2016

1. Dockers – An Open Source Software Application

Dockers is a brilliant software application to automate deployment inside software containers. Integrating Docker with AWS allows quick building, shipping and running of distributed applications at scale. You can run Docker anywhere on any application where it offers a enterprise ready, on-premised management solution for applications.

  • If lets developers compose applications from micro-services without locking into platform or language.
  • It offers designing the entire development cycle of the application, its testing, distribution and management.
  • With the help of Dockers, you can deploy scalable services, securely and reliably on various platforms.

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2. Apache Spark – A Computing Framework

Launched by the Apache Software Foundation, it provides a robust open source platform for cluster computing. It is a fast and general engine for data processing.

  • It manages to run programs up to 100X faster than Hadoop MapReduce in memory or 10X faster on the disk.
  • Apache sparks runs everywhere – Hadoop, Mesos, Standalone or in the cloud
  • It offers ease in use where developers can write application quickly in Java, Scala, Python & R.
  • Stack powers a stack of libraries including SQL, Streaming and complex analytics.

3. Adobe Connect – Web Conferencing Solutions

This technology is mind blowing as it eases out the process of communications. It is software used to create information and general presentations. It is entirely Adobe Flash based software application.

  • One can also conduct online training materials, web conferencing, learning modules and desktop sharing.
  • It offers immersive online meeting experiences for small or large group, virtual classrooms and large scale webinars.
  • Offers Three Main Services: Adobe Connect Meetings, Adobe Connect Webinars & Adobe Connect Learning

4. PHP 7 – Open Source Scripting Language

One of the most used scripting language released yet another amazing version for developers to develop with PHP technology. PHP is a scripting language which is a powerful tool to develop dynamic websites.

  • Supports development using other frameworks
  • Frequent updates enable bettering development
  • Convenient to develop, maintain and deploy
  • Different open source CMS available with run on LAMP servers

Read our review on PHP 7 and its pleasing features:

5. CoreOS – The Open Source Operating System

This operating system is specifically designed to work for projects of Linux Containers. It is considered lightweight for providing infrastructure to clustered deployments. It runs on almost any platform including Vagrant, Amazon, EC2, QEMU/KVM, VMware and OpenStack or even your own hardware.

  • It focuses on automation, ease of application deployment, security, reliability and scalability
  • It provides functionality required for deploying application inside software containers, along with mechanisms for service discovery and configuration sharing.
  • It is powerful enough for large scale container platforms.

6.React – The JavaScript Library

It is one of the emerging UI libraries for JavaScript where its acceptance among developers has been increasing. It is open source library providing a view of data rendered as HTML. React views components that contain additional components specified as HTML tags.

  • It offers a model where subcomponents cannot directly affect enclosure of components
  • React boasts speedy rendering mechanism
  • It can be easily combined with other libraries and frameworks as it is not designed as a front end framework.

7. Microsoft Azure App Services – Integrated Development Environment

Visual Studio 2015 is an amazing tool to get started on the cloud. It is a development environment created by Microsoft used to develop computer programs for Windows, websiteweb applications and web services.

Installed The Azure SDK 2.7 ( )

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For more on Microsoft Applications – Professionals now powered with Microsoft Power Apps:

8. Cisco ACI – A SDN Architecture

Cisco ACI is a policy based automation solution that supports a business relevant application policy language, greater scalability through distributed enforcement system and greater network visibility.

  • Offers integration of physical and virtual environments under one policy model for networks, servers, storage, services and security.
  • Accelerates data center application deployments by using software defined networking across networks, servers, storage, security and services.

9. Python 3.5  – The Programming Language

With last year witnessing the most amazing frameworks and languages releasing updates, Python is the one making news. The new version is the venerable and easy to use language for high level programming.

  • It is designed to emphasize on code readability and its syntax allows programmers to express concepts in a more simplified manner.
  • It provides constructs intended to enable clear programs for small or large scale projects.
  • It supports multiple programming paradigms including object oriented functional programming.

Wondering which new framework you should learn, Invest your time learning these frameworks:

10. Rust – The Programming Language

A language making ripples in steel is here for the developers to make their life easier. It is general purpose, multi paradigm compiled programming language supporting pure functional, concurrent actor, imperative procedural and object oriented styles.

  • It offers convenience and safety of higher level languages.
  • It highly concurrent and safe for systems with emphasis on safety, control of memory, layout and concurrency.

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2016 is expected to see many trends in machine learning and cloud computing software applications, where businesses globally are moving towards an era of mobile first platforms. With its ever innovating industry, there is always something new coming everyday, Helios makes it a point to explore these trends and learns them. So that our developers and coders are always updated with the new.

Helios Solutions – An IT Outsourcing Company India is learning these new technologies to serve businesses better. Moreover, we look forward to educate our developers and share knowledge with the developers of the world. Wish to be a part of this, let us know your views. We will reciprocate and evolve together. Write to us:

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