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Anyone would love to visit a website having a high speed and loads faster. Even the search engines love such kind of sites and rank them higher in their search results. It would be foolishness to leave it behind knowingly and miss out on all the opportunities that one can get simply by optimizing the site’s speed.

Speedy WordPress Website

WordPress undoubtedly being one of the best platforms in the world with lots of flexible options, also has various plugins to increase the website’s speed. There are various requirements for boosting your website speed, which are discussed below:

Tips to improve your speed:

Check the tips thoroughly.

  • First of all the hosting server which you buy from various hosting providers must be trustable and should provide you with good service. Hosting server matters a lot when it comes to increasing the website’s speed, a bad server can really eat up your blog and leave it unused.

  • Themes must be perfectly coded with important codes,  junk codes that are useless must be removed as it only results in an increased loading time. Genesis themes are highly preferred for WordPress users to get high speed. Adding too many features in the theme might also cause the damage of bad loading speed.

  • Over use of plugins is also one of the major reasons behind bad performance of the server. I personally faced this problem earlier with my own blog. WordPress basically don’t have the limitation of adding plugins, due to which we may add too many plugins on the website if not familiar. To maintain high speed of your website it is highly recommended to use cache plugin for website and number of active plugins must not exceed to maximum.

  • Making use of image optimizer plugins will reduce the size of the image and help in loading fast.  The size of an image affects the loading time of the site. It is quite common to have noticed sites that loads the content faster than that of the image due to its size, this is the reason why the images should be optimized. Other than this it is also very wise decision to host your images on the subdomain which will help a lot in boosting up the traffic.

Advantages of increasing website speed:

There are various advantages of increasing your website speed such as getting huge benefits in search engine ranking like Google. A website having responsive design and is fast loading  will always rank better in search results which help in driving tons of traffic easily.

Apart from this it also helps in better user experience due to which user may love to spend more time on the website. It is very beneficial and it helps a lot in pulling up rankings.

Without missing out all this benefits you must start optimizing your blog perfectly and boost up for higher rank in search engines

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