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If you have an application or website built with Symfony framework, we have good news for you! Symfony network has released its new version Symfony 3.0.0. So it’s time to upgrade to the new version. It is considered as the best open source choice for businesses as well as for the developers as it is compatible with most accepted and trending platforms. It also suits to business libraries, infrastructure and methods.


Since the release, the framework has undergone many changes like functionality is deprecated and scheduled to be removed later which is also happening for the first time after release. To see the changes and check the future compatibility, click on this direct link:


Two Major Symfony Features:

There are many changes in Symfony 3.  However some very important changes are related to routing.

“pattern” has been deprecated and “_scheme” and “_method” are no longer part of “requirements”.

“pattern” is changed to “path” . For. ex:

Symfony Code

A few useful links: – A list of important changes! – Upgrade Guide

How does it benefit ‘Businesses’?

Many businesses have experienced that since they started using Symfony framework, their applications were benefitted and they saw growth as Symfony framework is highly adaptable to changing business environments due to reusable and testable coding system that it provides. Moreover, it is a free framework offering robust features for easy development process.

How does it benefit ‘Developers’?

Symfony offers MVC structure and strict object oriented language. It is framework that allows creation of reusable and testable code which proves beneficial for future development. The configuration is convenient and the programmer can do specific changes to the Symfony application. It includes a wide set of command line tools that are helpful in project management and development process. If a developer wishes to add some feature to the application in the future, with Symfony it is very easy as all you can add features by creating a plug-in for it. It has a very robust and extensive cache system and you can create up to 10 pages with the use of PHP language. It is extremely advantageous for developers.

If you are business that uses Symfony application then you must definitely take the advantage of the upgrade. Its time to update! If you are looking for a Symfony Framework Specialist then you have landed on the right page. We are Outsourcing Symfony Framework India and we have helped biggest to the smallest business across Europe with our IT solutions that are path-breaking. We are a bunch of techminds who are constantly evolving with each update across various technologies.

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