About the Project

This project started in 2007 with a requirement of building a data graph for a Concrete Research & Technology Company in Netherlands. They are known as the experts in construction material science and constantly keep innovating to improve their products and services. They are renowned for offering services like asset management, concrete remote sensoring, durability testing, conservation plans, thermal stressing, seismic testing, forensic engineering, damage expertise and inspection.


  • .NET
  • Ajax
  • Internet of Things
  • IOT

“The solution optimized productivity and reduced cost of production with IoT enabled real time monitoring of concrete strength. It also helped with HSE and safeguarding product quality”


  • Improve the Existing Software Application with IoT Enabled Features
  • Automated System for Real Time Measurement of Compressive Strength
  • Measurement of Hydration Temperature Evolution


  • Real time monitoring system for knowing concrete strength
  • Internet-Connected Sensors fetches data on temperature and moisture
  • Automated Alarm System integration with Email & SMS
  • Automated System for temperature regulation
  • Document and Finance Management module


    Automation of Monitoring Concrete Temperature
    Enabled Remote Management
    Ease in Management of Documents & Finances
    Saving of Resources & Reduction in Costs