Enterprise System Integration Company

In order to eliminate data silos and improve business performance, it is important for you to ensure that all your IT systems work in harmony. Helios Solutions understands the complexities involved in system integration and knows how to build highly scalable enterprise integration solutions. In fact, we are totally passionate when it comes to making an organization more connected. Whether it is legacy or custom built system or application, commercial or proprietary, located on the cloud or on-premise or a hybrid, our system integration architects can get it connected.

We specialize in integrating multiple enterprise systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Business Intelligence (BI), Accounting Systems, Email Marketing Platforms, E-Commerce Systems, and more through API development & integration, service-oriented architecture solutions, and middleware development. Whether you want us to collaborate with your team or manage the entirety of your enterprise system integration project, we have the technical expertise and flexibility to deliver the way that suits you best.

Enterprise System Integration Services


Our consulting services help you keep your business running as efficiently as possible with seamless integration of disparate systems. We initiate by performing a system evaluation to determine the best integration method for your ecosystem, and then plan out the integration you need.

Design & Development

We work with you to identify solutions, design architectures, implement integration solutions and drive adoption. We have extensive experience in integrating multiple IT systems across different functions, departments and phases in software life cycle and transforming dis-connected enterprise to a connected and streamlined organization.

QA & Testing

At every step of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), we follow SQA methods to deliver superior quality software that improve your ROI and help you gain competitive advantage. With our proactive and process-oriented software quality assurance services, we ensure that the software performs consistently and meets with your business needs.

Third Party API Integration

From social media app integration to complex business API upgrades, our team of API integration experts has successfully addressed all kinds of third party software integrations. The list includes Payment Gateways, Social Media, Communication, Shipping, Microsoft Office, and more.


Helios Solutions offers robust enterprise system integration services to help you eliminate data silos and link together several heterogeneous systems, including on-premise, cloud and third-party apps.
Seamless Integration
We help you streamline business processes and data connecting multiple applications for a seamless communication and functioning.
Customized Approach
We work with you closely to help strike the right balance between business and integration needs by tailoring customized solutions.
API Strategy
We perform complex IT integrations utilizing an architectural approach that revolves around providing a program interface to a set of services to different applications.
Proven Track Record
We have extensive experience (in working with start-ups, SMEs as well as large enterprises)in delivering intelligent integrations and helping businesses enhance operational efficiency.
Quick Turnaround Time
We strongly believe in providing trustworthy and prompt services to our clients. With us, you can leverage faster turnaround time and quick resolution to your issues.
We take the utmost care in our work and operate with integrity and honesty, recommending the best solutions for your technology issues.
Implementation of Best Practices
We follow best practices including transparent communications, code simplicity, code coherence, rigorous testing, and more.
Resource Expertise
Our integration experts, solution architects, and project managers have in-depth knowledge of a broad range of tools & technologies.