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Node.js is well-known as the largest ecosystem of open source libraries worldwide. It is basically a JavaScript framework that has gained popularity due to its brilliant features. It highly event driven and uses a non-blocking model which makes it very efficient and extremely light weight. JavaScript is a programming language which is interpreted, un-typed and dynamic. And Node.js is a framework for JavaScript language.

As for Front End Development, the scope of Node.js framework is increasing with valuable contributions from the developer community and technology giants. Today, Node.js offers one of the most innovative solutions to build server and web/mobile applications. It has found a way to have server-side implementation which will reduce the complexity of using two different languages of both ends. At the moment, several performance driven frameworks have extended the functionality of Node.js to a considerable extent. The constant updates from the community have resulted in building it with new features. Thus, in the future it is expected to take over as a development technology for Front End Development.

Here, we have listed down the most gripping extensions for Node.js for all you developers out there. So program the behavior of your pages with Node. Js extensions –

Gripping Node js Extensions

1. Derby

Derby as Node.js extension acts for both client-side and server-side. It is considered ideal for creation of real time mobile and web applications. Derby comes with model view controller architecture, a real time data synchronization engine for Node.js that allows multi-share, real time concurrency and data synchronization across clients and servers. The templates can be rendered to HTML in the browser or on the server which means fast page loads. Also, the same templates can be used to render emails. It comes with search engine support, organization of codes in components with designer-friendly HTML templates. Let “Der by” light in development. – Visit website & community

2. Hapi.js

It is a framework for building web and mobile application, application program interfaces (APIs) that enables developers to focus on writing reusable application logic. It comes with a robust plug-in system and numerous key features including input validation, configuration-based functionality, implement caching, error handling and logging features. Hapi.js used for large scale websites like Disney, PayPal and Walmart. It has a great foundation that enables developers with features of easy testing and flexibility. – Visit website & community

3. Express.js

Known for its speed, Express.js is the just the extension you are looking for when it comes to development with Node.js framework. Minimum coding and features like template engines, simplified multiple routing and database integration make it even more irresistible for developers. Renowned websites like Yummly and MySpace use this extension. So developers make your development speedy with this extension and offer solutions that enhance page behavior. – Visit website & community

4. Total.js

Developers writing for Node.js framework are enabled with this amazing extension network which is backed by a large community of developers. Total.js is known for modern and modular application development where it offers the most robust features like modular, remote install etc. it is fast, small and scalable, you can also extend or rewrite existing functionality. One thing that we cannot ignore is that developers don’t need to use any tools to compress JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It is embedded with NoSQL database that supports array and other prototypes. – Visit website & community

5. Meteor

Yes, they say faster than you can imagine. Meteor.js is one of those frameworks that allow real time development of web and mobile applications. It enables development on one code base. It is known as a ‘Universal JavaScript Framework. Furthermore, the same code runs across browsers and mobile devices via its unified Isobuild system. It greatly simplifies scaling, deployment and lets users monitor connected client applications. – Visit website & community

6. Means.js

This platform enables developers with a full-stack JavaScript solution that helps you build faster and maintain web application using Express.js, AngularJS and Node.js. It comes with a HTML5 mode by default and allows End-to-End testing with protractor. Also, it provides with a free and self hosted Search Engine Optimization function. What more?? It offers an amazing open-source platform with a huge community of developers where the structure keeps evolving. Therefore, developers get to make applications that really MEANs something. – Visit website & community

7. Sails.js

It is one of the most popular MVC extension used by Node.js developers. It especially designed for building practical, production ready Node.js application very speedily. It makes customization easy where you can deliver enterprise grade Node.js applications. It works on MVC patterns like Ruby on Rails with support for the requirements of modern applications that are data-driven APIs with a scalable, service oriented architecture. It is known to be good for building chat rooms, real time dashboards or multiplayer games etc. Sail through your Node.js project with Sails.js. – Visit website & community

8. Mojito

It is an extension created by the Yahoo Developer Network. It is a Node.js module that benefits from its speed and scalability. Mojito is capable to take advantage of the core modules of Node.js. The extension uses the HTTP, URL and QUERYSTRING modules to handle requests. It leverages on npm packages such as express package to create server and cookies. It offers extensive API with modules for executing code, making REST calls, handling cookies and assets, assessing parameters and configuration. Mojito is among the well-suited platforms for Node.js development. So make those applications that leave an impression as good as the taste of ‘Mojito Drink’. – Visit website

9. Koa.js

It comes from the same team of coders as Express, thus delivers what a Node.js developers is looking for. It allows developers to avoid call backs and increases capabilities of error-handling. It keeps the middleware core separate and provides with methods that make servers fast and convenient. Works wonders for readability of application. Use Koa and make sure that you develop applications that please all your clients.


It enables real time bidirectional event-based communication which is compatible across multiple platforms or devices. It offers great speed, representation of real time counters, charts or logs. Users can edit documents and also view other changes. It proves useful for developers and users. It is proven to be one of the fastest real time Node.js engines. – Visit website & community

So there you go a list of amazing extensions that will help you better your development on Node.js.  JavaScripting becomes so much more interesting with the use of these extensions of Node.js. Node.js is shaping the future of Front End Development of web and application technology. Extensions like Express.js and Sails.js are among the most selected frameworks for development with Node.js. It also proves to be long-term deal for web development and is being appreciated in the field of Information Technology.

Read a few benefits in brief:

  • Extravagantly Fast

  • Brilliant Tooling

  • Convenience in Real-Time Development

  • Smooth Streaming of Data

  • One Codebase

  • Corporate Friendly

  • Developer Oriented

If you are aware of any such frameworks then we welcome you to share and add to this blog by posting in the comment section. If you are developer who has worked on any of these frameworks then you can share your thoughts, experiences or suggestions with us. We are a bunch of technology lovers, who love to know and share about technology, so feel free to share it with us. Outsourcing web development India is what we do, if you are looking for one, get in touch with the web development specialists. We are just a call away!!!

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