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The redesigned version of YouTube application – The YouTube Music App has been the most talked about application this year. And your wait has finally come to an end. On the 12th of November, 2015, Google released the iOS and Android version of the application with in-app editing tools and highly user oriented features. While exploring the new application, we came across many improvements that probably were discovered by taking clues from the material Android design of the main application. All you music lovers out there, this is it! The new music application by your favorite channel brings you many perks.

We would like to share what we think of the new YouTube Music application. The application is designed to revamp the way you discover music on YouTube, rather to make it easier. Considering the popularity of the music videos of YouTube with more than 1 billion viewers worldwide, it is taking the market for a storm. It now has dedicated application for three major verticals: YouTube for Kids, Gaming and Now ‘MUSIC’.

YouTube Music Application

The new application looks at achieving lean-back listening experience. The user experience is enhanced with popular videos at your eye-level. The ‘Top-40’ feature will stream the most popular videos on the application. Your recommended videos, favorite channels and subscription will be accessible by tapping each icon or simply swiping on the screen. You have the option to tweak your stream to bring more variety.

Swiping your finger from the left edge will give you access to your subscriptions quickly where you can visit your favorite channels just with a swipe. It also avails you with personalized playlists where you get a human-centric playlisting. The application offers more than 30 million audio tracks that you can also find on other music applications like Spotify, but this service is also optimized to showcase a collection of additional options say from live concerts to karaoke’s and live video channels. The best is yet to come, you get all this with embedded lyrics to instrumental videos and how to play the bass line which is not offered by any other music streaming service.

Mind-Blowing Editing Tools

Interested in making videos? Or you are one of those interested in making fun videos or sharing informational or inspirational content. Then this new application brings the best in-built video editing tools for you. It lets you fine tune your videos before you upload them. It allows you to add amazing elements through in-editing tools to your videos directly through the application.

You can trim, filter; add music and backgrounds to your video. The tool set is although basic, limited to cropping and options to overlay soundtrack. The tools let you add filters and effects like sepia tone or a documentary style depending upon the feel you wish to create for the video.

So you are upload-ready!!!!

The application is updated with the new look and feel where the navigation is availed with the swifter and also a split view screen but what is the catch here? Wherever you start in the application, the music will not stop, the streaming will not stop. It also offers ‘Audio Only’ mode that works best for listening to radio channels where the world radio channels are in your pocket and you can listen to them while on the go.

About Download

The APK is signed by Google and it will upgrade you existing application. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and is not tampered in any way. Don’t wait for Google to push you to download the application; don’t miss on your chance to experience this amazing application. Just download and install it like other APK’s. You can download the free version on Google Play Store or the App Store which includes a free trial with the YouTube Premium Red service.

The application is highly personalized and avails an experience with the new features of editing that lets you shoot and upload a good looking video just with your phone. If also controls data usage and battery usage with the automated functions. It is by far one of the most path breaking music streaming services application development. The application is great looking and has excellent transitions. YouTube Music is absolutely enjoyable; it is definitely worth a try.

Summing up, we have to say that get the free version and do not miss out the chance to make the most of the trial period before it’s over!!! The offer lasts for limited period only. Wish you happy listening!!!

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