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Ever wondered why your webshop or eCommerce portal is unable to grow? What are those things that may be going wrong? We understand as we come across many webshop owners who struggle to successfully run their ecommerce platforms or webshops.

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If you have tried and tested all the market gimmicks and still you are falling back on your sales, then may be your analysis is not full proof. For this we prepared this checklist of mistakes that you must check in order to help you make a better eCommerce platform and aid in increasing your sales.

1. Stale or Mundane Content

Content is the key to create impactful online presence. Especially when it comes to eCommerce platform, your content can be your sales driver, the point that can compel your target audience to make that purchase. If your content is boring or uninteresting, it will create a very outdated or stale image of you in front of your users and customers.

A customer needs to engage constantly from the time they start surfing your online store to the time they checkout. Each and every step is very important. To reach out to them at every step is very important where the good content or copy lines can really be a big help for your online shop sales.

2. Low Quality of Images

Have you seen those extremely good looking eCommerce websites? Why do they look so good? Of course one of the prime factors is User Interface Design and the Graphic Design that culminates in creating a user experience (UX). But, what is that one thing that makes these eCommerce websites irresistible are elements like the presentations, display and quality of products and services. There are so many eCommerce platforms competing with each other so it becomes a challenge to stand out. But what matters is how important you look and sound!

Check if your website has high quality pictures and how they are being represented. If there are images that are blurred or have no relevance to the subject than it can directly affect the psychology of your target audience.  Make sure that you are not just selling high quality products but also presenting them in an irresistible way that appeals to your target audience.

3.  Gap Between Products and Target Audience

There are times when your target audience does not buy your products online on your eCommerce platform because they did not see any relevance of the product. It did not appeal to them. This is one of the reasons for eCommerce platforms being unsuccessful. They tend to ignore importance of in-depth research on their target audience and establishing an understanding that will culminate in making a very interesting relevant eCommerce platform.

What will matter are your target audience’s tastes and preferences. In order to meet these preferences, you need to sell the right products with which your audience can relate to and help them in decision making. Now buying decision can be influenced by many factors like price, trends, quality and preferences.

So ensure that you conduct in depth research of your target audience and not just understand them but also identify the right audience for your products. A narrowed down approach always works to get a clear picture of what you want and what your target audience is looking for!

4. Pop – Up Ads & Flamboyant Advertisements

Some distractions like pop-ups or simple strip advertisements are enough for your customers to shift to another eCommerce platform. An eCommerce platform has many elements at once and thus it is important that you restrict the number of things happening on the page. The pop-up and flamboyant advertisements in this case act as distraction to your users taking away the attention from your products and services.

Also, this can be very annoying and irritating if it is too much. We understand sometimes these are the ways of revenue and avoiding them can be difficult but you can always add filters or a control over the same through your eCommerce Development Expert.

5. Tedious Check Out Process

However good your pictures are, your products are, one thing that will make a difference on the entire user experience is your check-out process. If the ‘Check-Out Process’ is much time taking, it can directly affect your sales.  This is where most of the eCommerce platforms lose business. Also, one aspect to keep in mind is to maintain transparency. It’s important that your bill shows the amount that your customer sees when they click to buy the product otherwise you are looked upon as a fraudulent or bogus. Keep ‘Payment Gateways’ and easy payment options along with a smooth check-out process that requires less of time of the customers. Avail them with discounts and lure them into finally buying the product by offering coupons or offers at the check-out counter.

Make sure that your users are not irritated at the check-out level, it is important to keep communications clear with the help of instructions and guidelines during the check-out process. Ensure that you have a small and to the point check-out process with confirmation emails for transaction details.

Summing It Up

We hope you have focused on each point mentioned above and that this read helps you to improve your sales. If you find any of these mistakes happening at your webshop, you must take action immediately. Contact on to develop a webshop or eCommerce platform, it is always good to consult the eCommerce Development Experts and Outsourcing eCommerce Development proves even more better – cost and quality wise.

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