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With the virtual world witnessing a wave of wireless and connected things and innovations like machine learning, people, businesses and lifestyle has changed massively. Chatbots are fairly new and still businesses are exploring the benefits of applying them in order to increase operation efficiency.

Bot Developers are still struggling to get things right for Conversational Commerce. It has not yet reached a mature state. But eventually it shall as it is the future of conversational commerce.

When you are learning about your visitors and how they are reacting to the Chatbot service, there are few things that you need to consider as metrics to effectively make the most of the Chatbot.

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1. Average Number of Conversions (Per User)

The average number of conversion can vary according to the areas of communication and will further enhance the ways of software development.  Having a Chatbot has multiple advantages and one of them is the number of conversations that a user has with the Chatbot. This provides information like the number of times the user has started the mobile app. Knowing this data, you can correlate it for engagement.

Here, the bot developers can get insights on the issues of the aspects that need attention in development and how software development experts can fix it. For instance, the bot on the Facebook Messenger platform saw their bot’s average conversations rate dropping. So they fixed the problem by studying users whose number of conversions was below bot’s average and saw that they were not engaging with the job openings. Further, the software developers changed the bot to ask users for more background information and the engagement was seen rising.

2. Track Conversion Steps

There are all kinds of people and thus their way of approaching things can be different. Some talk to the point and some have as many as thousand questions. This is where the bots come in bliss for businesses. Irrespective of the length of conversation, the engagement needs to be tracked. The length of the conversation means that the user is engaged. As there could be times when the conversation can be longer where it is not needed, which signals a failure of conversion. It could be just someone killing time.

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3. Confusion Areas

As we said earlier, the chatbot innovation is fairly new and the software development specialists are yet to develop the optimal user experience with conversational UI. It is still at the very beginning stage of its innovation. And due to a great range of user’s questions and queries, the bots may misinterpret or are not able to comprehend the information leading to disappointment.

This innovation is yet to witness a full proof system. For this reason, it is important to observe those instances and questions where the bot did not understand the query in the conversation or could not answer the particular query. By doing this, as Chatbot developer, you will be able to provide a more fully fledged and high end software solution. This is basically known as the confusion rate where the bot gets confused and human intervention is required.

4. Customer Retention Rate

Chatbots are indeed making life easier for the communication businesses where in the coming times; we will see Chatbots causing a revolution in the communication industry. Conversational bots are already in the game. You cannot really consider tracking retention rate from Chatbots but you can get the retention duration to concentrate depending on the bot’s purpose.

Our software development expert said “Bots that follow a pattern can depend on duration like weekly, monthly or fortnightly. And those bots for content and media rely on daily engagement and interactions”.

5. Engagement Rates

You need to know how far this investment in technology is making sense for your business! So we bring the most important point at the end. It is important to examine the active and engaged rates to fight the challenges of the new innovation in the IT infrastructure. Tracking these shall highlight which areas need work and improvements and how far the Chatbot is able to successfully carry a conversation with a user.

Chatbot Development is Evolving

Software development companies across the world are working towards bettering Chatbot solutions. The above mentioned are the top five metrics that developers are recommended to start tracking right now. So that bot developers can offer better solutions for Chatbot development. The bot developers and software developers can develop awareness of the problems that they encounter and help each other to contribute to this brilliant innovation.

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