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In the digital era, technology and innovation has made a ground-breaking difference in the communication industry. It is witnessing the wave which is highly automated and is enabling businesses with the best of technology innovations. The conversational commerce industry is revolutionizing the way we communicate.

Let us understand the top trends in conversational commerce and see how the conversational commerce will see changes because of some new innovations.

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Mobile First Generation

Since more users are now using mobile phones to browse the Internet, it has become important to be able to communicate from anywhere on their mobile phones. This has given rise to mobile messaging applications. And most of the users make use of different apps to share messages, images, videos and files. This has become the new way of communication. The digital era is witnessing a generation of mobile native consumers who are messaging as an interaction paradigm. This has given birth to conversational commerce and the need of more such communication apps.

Artificial Intelligence

Conversational commerce is one of those verticals in the Information and Technology Industry which is further  improved with the help of Artificial Intelligence innovations. The natural language processing is reaching new heights by enabling 90% accuracy in machine parsing and comprehending verbal or typed messages, queries and requests. This is expected to improve with the passage of time. Artificial Intelligence will indeed have a great impact on the overall performance of conversational commerce where it will play a vital role as an optimum resource for online businesses.

Wearable Technology

With IoT in the game, we are entering the phase of everything connected which includes the efficient communication with other devices and their owners. IoT has enabled us with wearable which is expected to become a part of our daily lives eventually. A wearable needs to have a conversational gateway as an implied requirement in wearables. And most wearables will look forward to such applications. Also, the sensors and changing behavioral pattern of quantified self movement, advances in data science and analytics is a calling for highly customized and personalized assistance abilities. This will eventually be a part of conversational commerce. In fact many IT innovators are already working towards it.

Mobile Payments

Conversational commerce will be witnessing a demand of integration of seamless payment technology enabled in devices. This will be increasingly accessible to third parties through APIs. As more people are now shifting to mobile payments, we will see more number of queries being generated for payment requests, queries and messages. This is where the conversational commerce will play a huge role by bridging the gap between the customer care and the customers/ users.

We are READY for Conversational Commerce!

Helios Solutions is preparing to become an End to End IT Solutions Provider where we are already doing projects in Artificial Intelligence, AR & VR, Conversational Commerce and Internet of Things. Our  Software Development Experts have formed a special team of specialists who are learning all about ChatOps and Conversational Commerce in order to enable businesses with the best in communication. We are looking to experiment, learn and explore the opportunities in the field of conversational commerce. So if you have the idea, we have a solution for it. We are ready to go one step further through collaboration with you. Get in touch with us:

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