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Every business has some unique needs and to get software solutions that meet with these business-specific needs you often rely on tailor-made software. However, in the path of custom software development process you are often greeted with roadblocks. Today we have discussed some of these roadblocks along with our suggestions to transform them into stepping stones.

Check expertise of your vendor in horizontal and vertical domains

Choose the right outsourcing software development agency by getting yourself in the shoes of one of our clients operating in the FMCG segment!

How to Avoid Setbacks in Custom Software Development?

They wanted a software solution that could improve their Supply Chain Management (SCM) System with better traceability of goods. Before choosing us, first of all, they checked our portfolio for completed SCM projects. Also they enquired about testimonials and references from the clients whose projects we have completed. We were happy that they got satisfied with our expertise in horizontal domain.

Then they made sure that our team of software development specialists properly understands management processes in retail. Mainly processes dealing with orders, inventory, warehousing, suppliers, import and export, transportation and so on (i.e. the vertical domain). Our team met with their expectations for technological proficiency as well as understanding of both horizontal and vertical domains. Thus, we bagged that project!

Address the challenges in communicating business needs

Allocate separate time and budget for communicating your requirements that you want the to-be-built software to fulfill. For instance, for our aforementioned FMCG client it took several working hours of their key manager like SCM director and end users like marketing specialist, purchasing specialist and finance specialist. This project ultimately had exceeded our client’s satisfaction as we had made good use of these resources.

Thus, you too should provide specific information regarding your procedures, priorities and objectives as well as validate the software requirements drafted by your chosen company.

Handle potential misunderstandings effectively

At times, the information procured from the clients by interviewing key professionals of their organization could get distorted. Therefore, we ask our customers to verify and approve the software development specifications. Thus, we ensure that our customers have a clear vision of the project scope and business processes to be automated. This detailed document also enables us to monitor the project at further stages.

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Resolve challenges of changing objectives

If your project runs for a longer duration then it is highly probable that your requirements may change because of both external and internal factors. The former could be your competitors’ activities or changes in business regulations in the market. The latter could be changes in your organizational business strategy or structure.

One of our clients overcame these challenges by opting for an iterative development process. They defined an initial set of requirements and then asked us to deliver a software prototype. Then they communicated back to us with the actual and possible changes. They even reflected these possibilities of changes in the contract and thus we were also prepared for the same.


You can easily evade disappointing outcome of your custom software development project now as you know the issues that can arise from inefficient communication with your vendor. Also changes in internal and external business environment can bring challenges which must be overcome on time. If you have encountered any pitfalls in custom software development then we please do share with us.


  1. I found your blog to be very informative. I am greatly inspired by your posts and thinking of writing mine now. Thanks for being an inspiration to me as I was also trying to write blogs but was not getting the appropriate genre.

  2. I also believe in what you said that in custom software development, you can’t avoid roadblocks, problems and challenges that would also help you to grow and learn more. What we should always remember is to handle every custom software development issues and manage to turn it into possibilities. Thanks for your guide!

  3. Great Post!! Software development faces many challenges, now one can avoid the failures in custom software by reading these four reasons in the post. Thank you for the post, Keep sharing!!!!

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