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Online security is a deciding factor for online businesses. Globally, online business owners are constantly making efforts to enhance online shopping experiences. Every day, we come across various technologies that enable businesses to better security for better user experience. We came across this interesting security solution that we wish to share with you. Here, we are going to discuss about a solution that will end all your worries in regard with bettering security without compromising on user experience.

Behaviometrics – Magical Website & Application Security

Security is one of the prime factors for webshops. The customer has to go through verification and validation steps. In this process, customers are generally bombarded with forms, verification codes, QR codes, passwords etc. Security check-ins and verification can be tedious and a time-consuming task. At times, it leads to disappointment causing customers to move to other platforms for quicker access.

We are sure you try your best to please your customers but there are some necessary actions required to ensure their safety and also maintain your brand image by securing online transactions. This new security solution is efficiently making a huge difference in customer experiences.

Yes, the world of technology has something non-intrusive to offer. Something that will secure the user’s profile/ account without any inconvenient procedures. So all you need to do is concentrate on pleasing your customers.

Heard of Behaviometrics?

It is a brilliant system that recognizes user’s behavior.

Behaviometrics is like the magic potion for your online virtual security. It acts like an extra layer of security for your business. Behaviometrics works wonders with many situations where you can avail high security standards for users but also you avoid security checks that might be barriers for your online portals.

So what is it exactly?

The word “Behaviometrics” derives from the terms “behavioral” and “biometrics”. “Behavioral” refers to the way a human person behaves and “biometrics”, in an information security context, refers to technologies and methods that measure and analyzes biological characteristics of the human body for the purpose of authentication. For e.g. fingerprints, eye retina and voice patterns. In other words Behaviometrics is a measurable behavior used to recognize or verify the identity of a person. Behaviometrics focuses on behavioral patterns rather than physical attributes. – Definition & Concept by

How does it work like Security?

From individual to individual the way you interact changes, you tend to change with the circumstances. But what stays constant are your gestures, movement of the hands, shoulder, eyes etc. But in case of interaction with material things, humans tend to develop a pattern of moving hands, feet, eyes, etc.  For e.g. you may swipe on your screen to the left, the other does it right or criss –cross.

There is a unique pattern in interacting with a computer’s main components like the keyboard, mouse and graphical interface. For e.g. a person is surfing on a particular browser and opens three main sites. If he/she has performed similar actions a couple of times, the next time, the browser will suggest them the same by analyzing the repetitive actions.

The study of the user’s unique handling is known as Behaviometrics

Every human behaves in a specific manner and develops this unique pattern which consists of “semi behaviors” which culminate in a more unique pattern of that person. These semi-behaviors form biometric features. The way you move your hand changes from one person to other. And if you write in your native language, then it may be impossible to copy or imitate the behavior.

The way you type, swipe or surf is compared with the stored Behaviometric pattern. It will examine and study the logging in patterns, movements and respectively the software will calculate the possibility of it being the correct user or matching behavior.

Main Benefits:

  1. Secured Workstations

With behaviometrics, you can secure your workstations after one has logged on to the system. If in case you leave the work station and forget to sign out which usually happens when you are in a hurry, you don’t have to worry! This technology has got your back.

  1. Efficiently Confidential

At times, one has to go through levels of security in order to ensure if it is the same person logging in like secret questions that we don’t remember answers to. You may have to perform two or three additional tasks to clear security which could be really disappointing at times. Behaviometrics eases it out for the users. It does not interface with the normal work flow but adapts to the user. The more you use the computer with this software installed, the better it gets. It becomes a tad more efficient with every use and tends to heighten security. It’s like the more you rub the silver, the shinier it gets.

  1. No Duplication

Many token-based coupon products such as barcodes, passwords, QR codes and smart cards that can be replicated for further use or if in wrong hands can be taken advantage of. In these cases, this software works wonders. It offers security with behavior recognition which is unique and cannot be copied or stolen. So, no one can virtually take an advantage of you. Even if someone cuts your finger, he/she will not be able to copy your movements. We are just taking the extreme examples.

There are so many ways of securing your application and website. But, Behaviometrics at the moment looks like the best option to go ahead with. ‘Behaviometrics’ software not only acts as the best biometric system but also gives good impression of your service/ product. It definitely gives an outlook where you as a brand are portrayed as extremely cautious of your customer’s confidentiality.

Outsourcing Software Development India can be a good choice for development of such application. Talk to the Software Development Specialist and get the best in breed technology.

So if you are willing to use the latest, consider Behaviometrics for your system and ensure application/ online portals that avail your users with better security without compromising on the experience. Make your customers feel treated.

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