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Mobility challenges are a big challenge for large and medium sized businesses globally. It started from having a website and now it is become a necessity for any business to exist online or offline. But times have changed and technology has much more to offer for businesses. There are many innovations enabling amazing ways to connect with your customers, viewers and users. It is about the user experience, where the mobile appwearables and IoT is taking time.

Enterprise Mobility

These new innovations are leading to many challenges which are being faced by businesses and those developing solutions for those businesses, here are few tip on how to fight these challenges. Do not miss on the byte from the mobile app developer, it’s pretty interesting!


Tips for Enterprise Mobility Challenges

1. A Full – Proof Mobile App Strategy 

Realizing the importance of a mobile app strategy, it is important for companies to calculate the importance of making the most of mobile application that work in terms with the most things in the world. Moreover, there are so many competitions in them market that the more we try to penetrate in the market, the better it gets for online presence.

Migrating to Mobile App is the biggest challenge

It has not been long since enterprises started to strategize for a mobile app. According to the survey conducted by Red Hat, more than 60% of businesses have mobile app strategy in their plan. This shows that businesses have started to show the importance of an enterprise mobile application. There are so many things in the making that includes the IoT or shifting to the cloud for your IT structure where even Hybrid Cloud Computing is also making news.

(Ref to RED Hat Survey & Article of the newsletter) 

2. Choose Simplified Development Option 

Choosing the right kind of development partner is a crucial task. In these times of competition, everything is fast paced and so is the development. The development option chosen needs to be thoroughly understood in order to develop a solution that works long term.  All you need is a trustworthy partner who can guide you in the right direction for resourceful development. A developer should be well aware of the app development lifecycle and have control over its process. Your team should be able to test the app to know if it can be integrated with the existing systems. Talk to the mobile app development expert 

MADP – Mobile Application Development Platform  

Mobile application development platforms are the new and most preferred trend for mobile app among enterprises these days. The entire process is very simplified so even not very experienced developers can develop a mobile app with it. MADP’s provide with tools that are easy to use with drag and drop capabilities changing the way mobile apps are being built.

3. Device Security and Protection of Data 

Security is the most important and the most challenging of all the points mentioned here. Heightened security can come only when you ensure that you keep updating your security infrastructure which is mainly the job of your IT partner. You should keep in mind whether your devices are protected at all times especially in these times of new viruses being discovered every now and then.

Jason TooleyUK Country Manager at Citrix comments that:  “One of the main barriers to the adoption of BYOD strategies is the perception that it can lead security risks. Installing apps directly onto personally owned devices can raise security and compliance concerns for CIO that wants to keep corporate information secure – and an IT department that wants to retain control of IT usage.”  (Quote Source:

With more than 3500 controls being used to heighten security by businesses globally, there are other laws and regulations that need to be kept in mind. The device security and protection of data is one of the main reasons for such impactful journey.

4. Constant Compliance

It is important for businesses to have stability in case of the most emerging trends in technology and thus provide with good security in order to compete with the rest in the market. To provide with constant compliance is an important task for heightened security and thus explains why IT companies should concentrate on providing businesses with constant maintenance and support.

It is important that you as a business don’t violate any state or federal regulations. IT admins must ensure that their data storage is highly secured. Try and incorporate PII (Personally Identifiable information) , social security pins and other passwords as precautions for compliance regulations. This way you can also maintain a track of your activities and the people accessing it your data or track each device on the network. IT admins should make sure they are meet with the problems of passwords, keep the patches updated. It is also very important to keep the communication transparent between the IT department and compliance officers for improvising on the internal audits.

An Expert’s Take!

Here are a few insights on enterprise mobility challenges faced by the developers. Coming straight from a very experienced Software Expert Mr. Darji at Helios – who said

“In these times of speedy innovations, in every 6 months we come across new features in OS development leading to a change in development perspective as well as how we design and develop the features for an application. Thus, it becomes very crucial for us to always keep updated in order to provide the best of the solutions. But also this remains the biggest challenge!”

There is always a possibility to build new controls in OS and there remains a scope of deprecating older terms as it will not be useful anymore. Also, we have to be very careful while developing and designing apps as the market witnesses new Smart Phones/ Devices with different screen resolutions, so it is important to meet with those requirements and come up with solutions that are compatible with the every kind of screen resolution.

Coming to the security aspect, it also needs updates like technology upgrade or new OS version upgrade. Adding to the challenges, last but not the least, the privacy policies also keep changing with the changing times and thus it becomes very important to account all these factors while development process. It’s challenging and therefore interesting!

We are IT Outsourcing Company India and wish to provide with IT solutions that will enable businesses with the most robust solutions where our dedicated team of mobile app development experts are always learning and exploring to ensure that you have full proof IT strategy, consult the mobile app development specialist at Helios Solutions and ensure solutions that will last longer!

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