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Today, web businesses around the world are always under the threat of cyber hacks. It is better to be safe than sorry! Yes, it is true there are times when you simply can’t help situations with so many new kind of cyber hackings taking place that we get to hear every now and then.

It was just about yesterday that our work place was hit by a major threat and the whole system was on a break down. But what is that little you can do to save yourself from losing big data? 2016 is expected to have new kind of ways in hacking, so it is necessary that we prepare ourselves before anything goes wrong.

Hacks to Expect in 2016

Learn about Kinds of Hacks

Extortion Hacks

Before year 2015, it was predicted that it will be a year full of unimaginable hacks and yes it was indeed one of the most dangerous year for many popular brands. You have heard about ransom hacks where until the victim pays a certain amount, the victim will not access to his/her computer. Here, we are talking about something even scarier! We are talking about extortion hacks. The hackers here threaten to release important company data or secret information if the ransom not paid. Now, this could be really harmful.

The disadvantage here is that even if you have backed up your data, it will not make a difference. They will lock the system down and extract data. Such public release of data could result in serious trouble for you and your customers. Such attacks in the last year were noted twice with big brands like InvestBank – UAE and The Ashley Madison Hack which left many ruined. You can expect such hacks in the current year.

Manipulative Hacks

How does it feel when you bought a dress and next day you see that the dress has a different button or it is a different colour altogether when you open the shopping bag. Bizarre right? In this case, you have an option to exchange. But the hack that changes your data or manipulates your data cannot be exchanged. This kind of attack is a nightmare! Such attacks change or manipulate data in order to compromise integrity instead of releasing or deleting data.

So what do you do when you can’t trust on what your system shows! This kind of attack is difficult to detect. Data alterations can have enormous complications where you might never know what was altered and what is its impact on the operations. These kinds of attacks have been noticed since the 90’s which has also affected government security and weapon control.

Chip – and – PIN Innovations

With the advent of Internet, the mankind has entered a virtual universe. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages but the disadvantages with Internet are deeper, sometimes beyond repair. One of the main disadvantages on the technical front is hacking.

Security communities dedicate their life towards developing ways to avoid or safeguard from these hacks. What bothers is there is always a new way to hack found by the community of hackers. Call it their adrenaline rush or their way of earning money. But to suit one’s mind, these hackers have their way out.

With this kind of hacking, the banks transactions are tracked when pins are encrypted to send to the bank authorities for verification. During this process of encryption, simple stealing card numbers can result in hacking. They don’t need to have the card or card details, a simple swipe online can result in fraudulent activities and you can be a victim of a hack. Reporting it the cyber crime, you might have some hope in this birth. ☺

Generally eCommerce websites are a victim of hacking and their customers suffer because a lot of secure data, pins, ID’s or personal information is being shared online. Thus, there are higher chances of them being encountered with hacks. At Helios, we are eCommerce Development Specialist and we develop websites, we look into security very keenly through testing at every level during the development process.

It is important for everyone to safeguard themselves. Everyone takes many measures in order to save themselves from hacks as losing company data can be harmful and losing customer data can lead to permanent damage.

If you feel that you are not so safeguarded when if comes to your web architecture, trust the experienced. Ask your IT Company to secure you with the help of new technologies and solutions. Consult development specialist at Helios SolutionsIT Outsourcing Company India taking care of businesses worldwide with system solutions that are not only robust but very secure and user friendly.

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