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Call Centre’s today have become a very essential part for businesses globally. In the United Kingdom alone, there are a million people working in 5000 call centers. Kinds of businesses are shifting to cloud based solutions purely for improved IT structure. It is extremely beneficial because it is highly cost effective and offers robust security & scalability. Learn about its benefits!

Cloud based Solution for Call Centers

4 Advantages of Cloud Based Solution for Call Centers

Be Anywhere

Moving to cloud based platform for a call center IT structure will be a very wise decision. It offers the users/ employees with the ability to access their files and data from anywhere – home, satellite offices or even from the road with mobile connections to the platform. This gives much convenience as it helps in including center models like home based employees in turn saves work place cost and can help in bettering the quality of work by outsourcing work to employees from anywhere. This features also aids in recovery during uncertainties or disasters of data loss.

Companies can optimize services by offering 24 x 7 services through the cloud anytime anywhere. Cloud based services allow companies to offer on-demand support to customers where businesses can also choose services depending upon their requirements keeping the customer demographics in mind, offering a more personalized experience.

Brilliance in CRM

Pleasing customer within seconds is the idea of Call Centers which obviously takes good communication skills. But along with communication there are tools that can enhance your communication channels. Thus, it is the important that the organization leaders ensure that there is smooth communication taking place between the customer and parent companies. Today, customers are looking for more ways to communicate where until now calling was the most used and effective way of communicating but since advent of IoT there are many more ways to communicate.

Here, it becomes important for your center to offer those channels through a system and take advantage of the communication options available. The cloud offers extremely useful features like click-to-call, inbound screen pop-ups, automated call notes and enhanced metrics. Cater to the needs of your customer in the most convincing manner by using the cloud system that lets you create a brilliant CRM system.

Features of Cloud

The best part is yet to come. With calling being the scope of work, there is much data to be stored which is where the cloud is the superhero in the picture. It offers easy integration of various applications to your system where your centre can easily manager order, create business reports, integrate billing systems; generate invoices, avail analytics and much more.

Another requirement of a call centre is monitoring and recording of calls, in this case cloud brings excellent features to the table. Monitoring alerts on premise based systems is generally a tedious process whereas cloud computing is glib as it allows managers can take immediate action in real time and come up with solutions to resolve those problems. Also, recording calls with cloud based systems can be highly economical and easy to store with the cloud back-up services and your data can be securely stored in the data center. You can also come to know type of calls for business evaluation.

High Scalability

Call Centers need high scalability and flexibility in functioning as there is so much happening at once not internally and externally. Also, security needs to be kept in mind with so many transactions taking place. These organizations need to scale and grow seamlessly. A smooth communication channel is necessary, which becomes the touch point for such businesses. With cloud based solutions you are offered with highly customized experience where communication can use the function required accordingly turn on or turn off an additional functionality offering ease and enhanced communication between employees and customers.

The main advantage of a cloud is that business can suit to their structure where agents can be included to a centralized or a distributed network unlike the traditional solutions. Here, you business is not a slave to the technology but offers an IT structure that suits you’re the changes you business needs.

What you need to consider before selecting an agency?

There are a few things that you need to ensure before you move to a cloud based solution:

  • You must ensure that the selected cloud solution meets the organizations objectives and business processes.
  • It needs to be reliable and accessible where the agents get full time and real time access to customer data so that you don’t lose contact with your customer while undergoing this change.
  • Security is the important aspect for organizations that carry customers’ personal details where you must inquire about hosting decisions like hosting the servers, type of security and location of the server. The cloud provider must be an established source which is trustworthy and applies security policies & strategies for data recovery.

Taking this decision can be crucial, there are a few things that you should consider before moving to a cloud based solutions –

  • As organization leaders, your company must understand reasons for moving, the benefits and challenges. It is important the cloud provider to understand your business model and should be able to assist CIOs and other IT decision makers in making the move smooth and impactful.
  • Your company must evaluate the total cost of ownership and the return on investment analysis over a five year period before making the move.
  • Whichever application you select – ACD or WFM or recording, select what you exactly need, what your partners need and your vendors need and then prepare the model of requirements. Right solution for the right kind of vendor is the catch here. Ask IT solutions experts!
  • With cloud based solution, one thing you need to be highly careful about is the solution expert you select has a sturdy infrastructure and comes from a solid and experience background.

If you thinking of setting up a call center, this will give you an overview of the requirements:

First and foremost, you will need a high quality and flexible workstations that can meet individual needs! And here are a few things that you need to account in your IT structure:

  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Intelligent Voice Recognition (IVR)
  • Admin Features
  • Agent Features

What can Helios offer?

We can offer you with –

A Quality System

  • Multiple Selection Plan for the system
  • Capability to change to selections plans online

We are an outsourcing IT company India and offer quality cloud based solution for industries of every size. We have been offering solutions for more than 11 years to our privileged European clients where our team of efficient project managers take care of your projects from consultation, development to support and post project consultancy. If you are planning to move to a cloud based solution, talk to experts at Helios Solutions and let this transition happen smoothly! We like to sail smooth and easy!

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