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It is true, that cultivating new customers is more of a pain than retaining the existing ones. Repeat business is essential for any growing business, and there should be ways to keep up with it and its customers. It’s great to attract new customers, if you get them, but considering the amount of time, money and efforts that go behind expanding the customer base is like giving up on the existing customers.


Taking care of the existing customers is just as beneficial as growing with the new ones. Doing so, will increase customer’s loyalty and make them stay.

Here are few ways to increase loyalty among customers:

Keep up with the customers:

Ensure to make the customers feel valued and important. Take down few of their information and feed it in database. For instance, remembering their birthdays and sending e cards, through e-mails will make them happy and valued. This little gesture can help increase customer loyalty.

Understand your customers:

Put yourself in their shoes and understand how the staff interacts with them and the service provided. Ensure to better understand the service provided to them and how they feel when buying or making enquiries. Putting the business’s customer service to test and carefully analyzing it to make it better will help gain more loyal customers.

Create loyalty programs:

Loyalty programs are traditional ways of gaining customers loyalty. They are simple yet effective way to encourage customers to return. For instance, offer something for free when a customer makes a purchase above a certain amount. Offering them with rewards for purchases or referrals gives them an incentive to return. These benefits provided to the customers will help in building their trust in you and will also help gaining new customers with the word-of-mouth that your customers will share with others.

Follow these above mentioned points and get your customers to keep coming back with increased loyalty.

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