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The most discussed topic today in Magneto community is Magento 2. It is quite prominent that the market and the technology re ready to embrace this completely new version of Magento., the famous e-commerce platform.

magento 2.0

It is said that Magento 2 is worth waiting for. This new version will definitely change the landscape and both business owners and developers will spend time on transitioning. This release is huge and could also help strengthen Magneto’s market share.

Here are the features and architecture of Magento 2:

Magento 2 will be using PHP 5.4 and 5.5, HTML 5, CSS3 and {less}, moves from prototype.js to jQuery. The new release will also support modern coding standards and Require.js will help in loading pages faster.

Performance and scalability:

Full page cache: This will be available out of the box as well as Varnish and Redis support. The refactored indexers would not be blocking processes any more while working in the background.

Improved indexers: The new indexers have been revised to provide faster query performance and more efficient updates. These new indexers will also cover the same functionality as the enterprise versions.

Multiple admin users: Improvements made in the admin site will provide multiple admin users to create and update products besides reducing data conflicts.


God class”Mage::” is eliminated

Modular code and customization: Magento 2 modular code will reduce cross-module dependencies, enabling developers to make narrow, targeted changes without impacting other areas of code.

Improved search: Magento 2 includes a modularized search interface and layered navigation which makes it easy to customize search functions. It allows enable/disable search, even delete it form the code or switch to 3rd party search interfaces.

Multilevel theme inheritance: Now themes are easier to inherit and customize.

Magento 2 responsive out of the box: The blank theme will use all the modern technologies listed above. Also, there won’t be a need to customize the core template to make the shop responsive.

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