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Most online merchants ignore the product description and its necessity of selling things online. This is the reason behind merchants losing on sales and traffic. It is a must for them to understand the importance of product description and its benefits, to make the website rank higher in the search engines which eventually results in more traffic and increased revenue.

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Here are few tips to include in the product description:

Know the Target Audience:

It is crucial to know the target audience to understand their needs. Knowing the target audience will help determine the kind of voice and personality to take up in order to communicate with them. If the message is to the point, genuine and creates a deep connection with the prospect audience, it will gain a sale quickly and easily.

Focus on its Benefits:

While writing the copy, consider making the customer’s life easier and pleasurable. Simply jot the benefits the product is offering and how will it be of use to the customers.  Ensure to provide a brief about each feature that the product offers and how it will benefit the users.

Include Relevant Keywords:

Just like any other content of the website, it is also important to include relevant keywords in the product description to bring the customers right to the particular product page. Doing so will also benefit the website’s SEO. However, don’t get too excited and stuff the copy with keywords, write naturally and make the content sound little personal and friendly instead of robotic.

Include Product Reviews:

Product reviews can be a great way to ensure the targeted audience about the product’s authenticity. People tend to believe other customers and mostly tend to make a purchase on   the basis of their reviews. Also including links to articles where the product is featured can prove to be helpful; having external people talk about the product makes a great impact on the customers.

Follow these above mentioned tips for a great product description.

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