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Ever wondered, how in many websites, you cannot just resist but make a purchase and then there are a few that leave you wanting more. This is the psychological game that many eCommerce platforms are very good at! This is because they have a smart team of developers, marketing professionals and designers working for them.

But what about those startup’s or someone who can’t still afford an elaborate team just working towards enhancing shopping experiences. We are here to help! This is why we thought of writing this blog, so that we can elaborate on the ideas of what needs to be done then.

It is all about making the customer’s mind tick, motivate them enough to take an action and influence their purchase decisions through compelling idea implemented at the touch points. Let us understand the mind of your customer and the touch points that can help in driving your eCommerce business.

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Tab the Power of Unconsciousness

1. Use Repetition

It is one of the most underestimated figures of speech but it affects the human pysch to a great extent. This can be done through the content of your website. Also known as the illusory truth, repetition adds to the recall value in your customer’s mind. According to the study conducted by Association of Consumer Research, it is said that notion repeated version feels more truthful and accurate to us.

Cull out a few words that matter to the customer’s psych in context of your product or services and include those words by repeating in your website content. Conduct a brainstorming session with your content writer and UX designer, and make sure you figure ways to repeat them in a smart way without overdoing it. Highlight those words in the design and call to actions through the UX design from the HTML5 CSS3 development expert.

2. Convenience & Speed

Today, we have become lazy! To read or perform steps with click or typing, people want things to be faster and they are expecting more efficiency from the eCommerce platforms. According to eCommerce development specialists “Customers do not like to fill elaborate forms or even go through more than 3 steps at the checkout counter” So you can understand the need for more convenience in the UX design.

What looks good, feel good and of course sells! When your website is content heavy, you may be pushing your customers away. It could be a reason that they feel disinterested in shopping from your webshop. This is about psychology. So you need to make them feel this is easy for them, this is fast and hassle free.

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3. Strike a Balance of Numbers & Words

Facts & Numbers affect the customer’s mind on the subconscious level. When you see numbers, you comprehension is faster and easier. But do not present content that is heavy with numbers or percentages. Lighten it out for the readers with the use of descriptions in order to keep them engaged with your page. Also, visuals with illustrations and highlighted number can give meaning to their understanding. They can be the motivators to further buy from your website. It taps into the unconscious mental scripts which enables them to rationalize their actions leading to better decision making.

4. Offer Choices

People like variety because variety keeps life interesting. Similar is the case with shopping. You need to be very empathetic when looking into these aspects. It is always good to offer choices because your customer wishes to explore from the options and reach to a decision that is best for him/ her. Here best can in the context of quality, price and longevity or many such factors while buying a product or service. Giving choices with elaborate descriptions and highlighting benefits can be a good way to win the trust of your customers. Using analytics is a good way to understand customer preferences, for such integration, talk to our eCommerce development experts. Write content that conveys a sense of freedom while browsing on your website. Keep things transparent and to the point, that is how they like it!

Your Nature: Be Giving!

Give as much as you can, make it sound it is for them, for their good and that you are their well wisher. All this can be achieved with good content, ux development and web development. If you wish to add these features to your website or webshop, you can always take our project planner where we will help you make your ideas look and sound better with our capabilities in development and strategy. We are eCommerce Development Company with experience of more than 10 years in software, ecommerce, web and mobile development. To learn more about us, get in touch:

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