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Agile is a light-weight methodology that permits the team of developers to develop the software during vague and rapidly changing requirements. It combines a set of principles, processes, and practices that allows the software developers to build the software quickly and properly. This methodology can be successfully deployed in small, medium or large-scale business environments.

Agile methods are getting progressively normal in application design, with their collaborative customer focus and iterative, test driven methodology.

This manifesto details four centre qualities for empowering high performing teams:

  • Individuals and their Interactions – over processes and tools
  • Delivering working software – over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration – over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change – over following a plan

Let us have a look at the twelve principles of Agile Methodology, being the first step to the new world of software development process:

  • The most astounding need is to fulfill the client through right on time and nonstop delivery of important solutions
  • Welcome evolving necessities, even late in development. Agile processes saddle change for the customer’s competitive advantage
  • Deliver working solutions as frequently as possible, from several weeks to few months, with an inclination to the shorter time scale
  • Specialists and designers should work day by day throughout the project
  • Fabricate projects around propelled individuals, Provide them with all the necessity solution and help and trust them to get the work done
  • The most proficient and powerful technique of passing on the required information to and inside the development team is face to face conversation
  • Working solutions are the essential measure of advancement
  • Agile processes advance maintainable improvement. The sponsors, developers, and users ought to have the capacity to keep up a consistent pace inconclusively
  • Persistent consideration to technical excellence and great design upgrades agility
  • Simplicity – the art of maximizing the amount of work not done – is fundamental
  • From self-organizing teams the best kind of architecture, requirements, and designs can emerge
  • After a certain amount of time the team discusses on how to become more effective, tunes in and adjusts accordingly.

Benefits of Agile methodology for designers:

  • It allows the changes to be made even after a first plan, the program can be re-written if the client plans to make any changes.
  • Since Agile Methodology permits to make changes, any updated or latest features can be added to keep the industry up to date
  • At the end of each sprint, the priorities are evaluated, which allows the clients to give feedbacks accordingly and ultimately get the product they desire
  • The testing done after every sprint helps to ensure the bugs are caught and fixed, which would help the smooth flow of the development cycle
  • Because the products are tested after every sprint, the product can be launched after the end of any cycle; as a result it’s more likely to reach the launch date.

These are few of the benefits that a software development can receive with Agile methodology. It is a powerful tool providing benefits to the software development team and also providing number of business benefits to the clients.

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