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After the inception of a certain software development, the crucial decision that a company faces is whether to hire an in-house team of developers or to outsource it. Outsourcing software needs have become a common concept among many companies.

All those in IT industry, at some point have given a thought about optimizing their current software development processes and arrangements undoubtedly wind up thinking about some sort of outsourcing.

There are few factors to be considered when outsourcing:

Communication is by far the most important factor to consider when outsourcing software development projects. The first thing to determine is the development company and the team who will be assigned the project. It is very crucial to talk to them, examine them and determine their previous experience in various projects developed by them, and also to make sure they have the exact idea about the requirements of the project. It is recommended to have a meet with the developers once a week to get a general idea about the project and the feedbacks.

It is very crucial to interview the development team to check if they have the skills required for the particular project. Have a technical person interview them to assess their ability. It is suggested to have a personal interview with the developer to see if the individual fits the same culture as yours. Even though they won’t be working in the same office, but they still will be connected for every little modification or update that the project will require, hence it important for them to have the same values. Choosing a wrong person might turn out to be a downfall for the company. It is also crucial to check if the developers have the knowledge of Agile methodology, which could help in speeding up the process.

The cost of labor for outsourcing is much cheaper than that of a local freelancer. It would not be a good idea to pay so much when the work can be done in a much cheaper price. It is suggested to have a Flat Rate Model approach when outsourcing. This means, before the development starts, the duration of the iteration is set and the members engaged in the product are predetermined. The price per iteration for the particular configuration is also fixed. Before every sprint the team decides the functionality that will be included in the sprint, this means you would know exactly what will be included and how much it will cost before every sprint.

Choosing the developers:

It is recommended to hire a team and not a freelancer, and also to make sure that the team works from one office space and are able to solve the issues related to the project. Your work should be that of a product owner and hold responsibility for accepting the results of the work.

The above described factors should be considered while Outsourcing Software Development projects. These factors will help you determine a lot of things which might not otherwise.

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