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Digital transformation is no more a trend but the new norm because it is now the core component of modern business strategy. And it demands rapid integration of new technologies in the business operations, thoughtful collaboration and insightful planning. Let us take a closer look on the factors that will drive digital transformation in 2017 and beyond:

Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

Embrace the change to meet with success

The only constant in the tech world is change and it will happen irrespective of how you look at it. In this fast-paced industry adaptability is vital to success. The sooner you incorporate new technology into your organizational culture and regular operations, the faster you will meet success. Therefore, if you want digital transformation to deliver high impact then your whole organization needs to pursue the digital mindset.

Focus on customer experience continues

Today’s customers are more aware than ever; they will defect to your competitor if you don’t align with their values and needs. So, when you are heading towards digital transformation keep customers at the centre and constantly ask yourself how you can enhance customer experience and make their journey frictionless regardless of their point of interaction with your business.

Proactive innovation is the pressing need

In the ever evolving marketplace, you cannot afford to waste time and resources in integrating new technology or implementing new tools that offer little value. Your mobile app development experts must be adept at going faster from app idea to app deployment in order to disrupt the markets and even internal business models. Your company’s adaptive culture, i.e. faster integration of a new technology, will also be a key driver of your company’s success.

Become data-driven

Modern businesses leveraging big data can be more customer-centric as analytics enable you to measure almost everything. It would empower you to make faster, more informed and data-driven decisions in order to stay a step ahead of your competition. Talk with our team of software development experts to find out the right data wrangling tool for your business.

Connect with talent anywhere in the globe

As we move into 2017, more and more companies will be benefitting from talents and capabilities of workforce available anywhere in the world. Advancements in mobile technologies and bandwidth proliferation have enabled companies to connect with and retain talents available in any time zone. Our team comprising of talented software development specialists have been working remotely for our esteemed clients and delivering professional project services over the years.

Application Program Interfaces (API)

Most of the companies are using APIs to accelerate their transformation to become digital businesses but in different ways. As APIs open doors for multiple platforms to remain together in a faster and flexible ecosystem, it allows innovation to happen at a faster pace. Thus, it contributes to the success of your company and allows it to remain competitive.

Smart machines and AI stand as key drivers

With continuous tech advances, AI is no more a realm of science fiction. Even machines are getting smarter as they can learn and adapt to their surroundings. Amazon has already been using intelligent robots across various warehouses and they are working collaboratively with human workers, thanks to AI! Although, digital transformation and automation have been replacing workers for low-skill jobs on the factory floors, in near future they will be responsible for creating more jobs in the IT security domain.

IoT is fundamental to digital transformation

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that IoT is at the centre of digital transformation. This is because these connected devices will generate data which was almost inaccessible for businesses in the past. Depending on the industry your business operates, the benefits and impacts of IoT will vary. Some of the sectors can reap the benefits of IoT in terms of immediate financial impact but for others the benefits may be different.

Evaluate the potential of AR and VR

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) are getting more popular as the mainstream shift towards these technologies is providing innovative ways to businesses to engage and interact with their customers and employees. For instance, companies are using these technologies to replace conventional paper-based training manuals and creating effective training programs. The retail and manufacturing sectors are also deriving the benefits of AR and VR. You can also get competitive advantage by consulting with our mobile app development experts and integrating these technologies in your mobile app.

Breaking down silos

The rise in the importance of digital transformation is evident from the changes taking place in the role of the CIO over the years. It shows that the transformation is happening not only in the technology but across the entire company. They are responsible to address the unique needs of their organizations by creating transition road maps instead of expecting ready answers as there are no proven models that guide disruptive change.

As we head towards 2017, these trends and technologies are expected to be the driving factors that will lead organizations towards the new norm – digital transformation. To thrive in this era of disruptive change, get in touch with us; we are a Digital Transformation Consultancy enabling businesses to become future-proof.

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