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The discipline of medicine is coevolving with that of computer science and they are moving towards a symbiotic co-existence. The healthcare industry is transforming at such a fast pace and taking shape that many organizations would be left unprepared. And the industry is aspiring to become more focused on value, in other words, getting adept at delivering better quality service at an affordable cost. For that they need transparency, in both the effectiveness of services and costs, as well as greater insights which has to be extracted from the available health information that is growing exponentially.

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Today most of the organizations are facing the problem of too much data and too little insights. It is quite reasonable for the health industry to expect that this colossal volume of data may hold the answers to many of the world’s most persistent health issues. And this is one of the basic reasons why healthcare leaders are among the early adopters of cognitive computing technology. Let us take a look at the following instances wherein digital cognitive innovation is improving the healthcare quality:

Internet of Body

The Internet of Things (IoT) devices that remain attached to your body and provide a sustained stream of data on blood pressure, hormones, oxygen exchange, blood sugar level, are known as Internet of Body (IoB). The IoB sensors can give you access to your own as well as your dear ones’ wellness information through a mobile device. Being a mobile app development agency we often receive request from clients to create companion apps for these health wearables. If you have any idea then you can talk to them to know about the estimate and feasibility of the app.

Mobile apps with cognitive capabilities

High-quality personalized care can be created to assist people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease by embedding cognitive capabilities in mobile apps and deriving insights from it. Caregivers can also garner assistance from these applications to provide suitable therapy to the patients. Technology-based therapies can also be provided to promote memory and engagement in lieu of drug-based therapies. These analytics can be utilized to improve the overall quality of healthcare.

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Cognitive computing

Effective treatment options are made possible by more accurate diagnosis of ailments by cognitive solutions. For instance, IBM Watson for Oncology can explore thousands of articles, medical journals, studies, patient cases and textbooks as well to suggest clinicians potential treatment plans specific to patient’s health needs. Hence, cognitive solutions are enabling oncologists to keep pace with the proliferation of medical knowledge and make more nuanced treatment decisions rapidly based on latest available data.

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