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The last year had to see many interesting and fascinating innovations in the field of Information and Technology. But what is that important trend that you need to know. These trends emphasize on various trends of the millennium including the IoT, smart devices and even machine learning as a source of next generation technology innovation.

Strategic Technology Trends 2016

Let us see these trends in detail and why you must keep in tune to these trends?

1. Let the Machine do the talking! – The Era of Machine Learning

We are in the beginning of this era where we are enabling machines to learn for us. This technology advancement is taking shape in a very innovative manner. We are going a level further where we are making devices and software learn what we want out of them.

It is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building using algorithms that iteratively learn from data where it also allows computers to find hidden insights without being explicitly programmed where to look. It gives the computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

It is a little complex but definitely one of the trends a techie must know. With this strategic technology trend, we are looking at predictions of very high value that will aid in better decision making and smarter actions in real time where there will be no human in picture. The machine will do the talking for you. ;)

2. Make your Customers fall head over heels! – An Advanced Customer Architecture

If you wish to meet the needs of eCommerce business owners or those businesses that wish to meet operational challenges, then they must consider shifting from a device management model to a service management model. This can be enabled with a help of advanced customer architecture.

Gartner here notes “ That companies are pushing the envelope on making technology mimic human brains”. Prominent examples of this in action include names like Facebook, Apple and Google where they introducing technologies that are acting like humans for service management.

3. IoT – Internet of Things

A report by Gartner says that more than 21 billion IoT devices will be hitting the market by 2020. Read the full report here: Our lives are revolving around Internet of Things which is forecasted to grow in the coming years. After IBM introducing a IoT unit looking into the growing importance of mobile devices in data collection and analytics, other big names are also focusing on IoT and bringing about a wave that will make IoT the next big thing in technology world.

IoT encompasses a far wider remit and is a huge data source with significant potential. With mobile devices controlling your household appliances and shopping happening with just a click, the IoT is become a need more than a luxury. This trend is going to take turns in this year and needs to account as one of the biggest buzz in the technology phase.

4. Enhance Your User Experience – Ambient User Experience

Ambient US means the ability to gather more contextual data in immersive environments delivering augumented and virtual reality. This preserves continuity across boundaries of device mesh, time and space. It flows seamlessly across multiple devices like sensors, cars and other IoT devices enabling interaction channels blending with physical, virtual and electronic environment as the users move from one place to another.

Although according to Gartner, “ The challenge will be with application design, anticipating this level of devices synchronicity and collaboration, for lack of better framing. But this trend when blended with device mesh can work wonders. Don’t forget to keep up to this trend in 2016 and make the most of it. Talk to your software application development specialist for in-depth insights on the same.

5. Mesh Up and Service Architecture

Combos are always loved. This trend is talking about the value of the combination where more apps are being build to be plugged together, so that you can have it all. This means you can offer more by cutting on costs also. Mesh it up and please your target audience. Blending technology has always been a great thing. Let us see what this year brings with application for thing liks wearables and other IoT devices.

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