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Today’s consumers thrive on their mobile devices and they depend on the same to accomplish their tasks in almost all facets of life – right from getting directions, managing their events to completing online payments, they need it for all. Furthermore, they have an incredibly less attention span which makes the task of online businesses even more challenging. Being an e-commerce owner you would need to come out with innovative ideas for creating great experiences from the customers’ perspectives in order to thrive in this competitive digital space.

Ecommerce Development Consultancy

Seamless checkout process is an important aspect of creating great consumer experience and for better conversion. Therefore, in this article we would discuss some cool ideas to reduce friction from the checkout process. But before we do that it is important to prevent your potential customers from defecting to your competitors as soon as they land on your e-store and the loading speed of the product pages has a decisive impact on the same.

Optimizing loading speed of product pages

Images are critically important to product pages as they convey the value and functionality of an item to shoppers and at the same time influence their buying decisions. To enable your product pages to load faster it is crucial to have lean and fast loading images. For creating a balance between fast loading and fantastic looking images you need to do the following:

  • Make JPEG your format of choice.
  • Utilize a CDN for your e-store.
  • Optimize images with compression tools
  • Remove unnecessary product images to cut the loading time.

In fact, there are lot of innovative ways to optimize your images and your website speed. Consulting an e-commerce development expert would be wise and effective for you to achieve your goals with methods tailored to your e-commerce product needs.

Now assuming that your customers had a pleasant time at your e-store browsing faster product pages, let us delve deep into creating better checkout experience for them because it is aptly said that all’s well that ends well.

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Well-designed progress bar

Checking out isn’t a very exciting part of a shoppers’ journey and they don’t want to get caught up in a very lengthy process. A well-designed progress bars presents them with a clear picture about their status and assures them that the end is just few steps away.

Add-to-cart from search results for quick buying

Shoppers don’t want to wait especially when they are on-the-go. To cater to their needs you can reduce the number of clicks your customers need to perform for making a purchase. They would love you for that and you would gain their loyalty. If your site visitors get inspired from your product descriptions and want to make a purchase give them an option of add-to-cart right from the search pages to save them from the hassle of navigating back to product pages. Take inspiration from the big players in the industry.

Good checkout accessibility

Ensure that your customers have an option to continue shopping even from the checkout area if they change their mind and want to shop more without the need of coming back to product pages. This way you can even upsell relevant products based on the products already in the cart.

Join the bandwagon of bigger players

Make it a practice to follow the leading brands in your industry and try to adopt the things they are doing for customer retention and gaining customer loyalty. The best way is to do A/B test for that idea in order to find out whether it is working for your brand or not (check our blog on e-commerce A/B test ideas). For instance, Amazon has a real fast way of taking you through product promotion to checkout process. And the checkout process is just about entering your password and few more clicks.

To succeed in the competitive e-commerce realm creating exceptional customer experience is one of the keys and our team of e-commerce development experts are adept at this. We are an E-commerce Development Consultancy helping clients compete and thrive in the digital space successfully.

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