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Big names coming in and trying to hold their mark in an industry that is not only growing rapidly  but evolving at pace that is hard to catch upon. It will never be too much to handle but it will always be, that what makes my current tech better than my previous one. Over the years we have seen how Mobile phones became Smart phones and that changed our lives, be it connecting to people from any part of the world or simply buying things of our smart phones and this is just one piece of the puzzle.

2016 like every  gone year  has its promises and opportunities and we might be seeing some big things happening at the beginning and end of the year. Few tech trends that are the clear highlights of 2016 will have its fare share of WAIT & CRITCISM.

The Notable Tech Trends of 2016


It is fair to say that we have Stores in our pockets these days. People are buying things anytime anywhere from their smart phones. Interesting statistics are seen where people have 90% of the time mobile phones within their arms reach and they check it 150 times a day. That is fascinating and with that how much more people have  invested themselves into buying things using E-commerce Development. Big names such as Amazon are not only engaging with people over the apps they build or sites they have, better marketing and building a surface on social media makes it easier for them to connect with people. With Amazon working on “Amazon Prime Air” a drone that would deliver your product in lesser time and more safely. Online sellers have better opportunities by marketing their products on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, which will help evolve the business channels.

2016 surely will see the BIG THINGs happening in E-Commerce.

Smart Cars

From Ford to Apple to Google’s Self Driving Car Project, who would’ve thought of cars becoming smarter . . . They will try and do most of the basics of what our smart phones do but they’ll push forward a bit. With internet connectivity, cars will be tracking all the data and information required through our smart phones, to make the company aware of the rights and wrongs happening. With integration of Siri and Google now, virtual assistants will help create better maps and safety for the Drivers. The connected cars as we can call them and  as we sit in the car, from our smart Watches to our phones everything will be synced , so that missing out important calls or emails won’t be an excuse. Controlling the engine to checking tire pressure from our devices will be something we cannot wait to experience.

VR and Others Trends

What makes a Virtually created world different from the real world we live in ? The tricky it sounds the simpler it could be in the coming days. Virtual reality is happening to us and it surely will be the integral part of our lives in the near future. Companies like Samsung or  say Google are placing their bets of VR or Augmented Reality which again is a bit different. From Gaming industry to Education or life like experiences are seen through the eyes of VR.

We have seen how TV streaming services are coming in quickly, where cutting the wires is their motto  and stream directly to your TV or even mobile phones anytime. For e.g. Netflix, which will introduce itself to 130 countries for streaming their service and watching things before others by exclusivity deals.

We have been seeing lots of ad these days on Facebook or YouTube and that clearly shows how sellers are targeting social media to sell their products. Be it a 1mint of ad or 5mint ad with an option to skip it, both platforms are having their necks on the line of gaining the upper hand. Digital trends will surely stir things up in marketing or promotions  on social media platforms but that is something we need to keep our eyes closely on.

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