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Amidst the rising political discontent and prevalent unemployment, Europe needs a new goal around which countries, enterprises and people can coalesce in order to sow the seeds of an entirely new economy – a digital economy. The business and political leaders of the continent must seize this once in a generation opportunity to re-engineer and reinvigorate Europe’s role in a progressively hyper-connected global marketplace. Today digital is the opportunity in front of Europe and to understand what constitutes success in this new economy, Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work surveyed top executives of leading companies worldwide. Being a Digital Transformation Agency, facilitating the digital shift of our esteemed clients for more than a decade, we are focusing on the major findings of the research based exclusively on the responses from European respondents:


Five themes – the key findings of the research

1. The executives surveyed in Europe understand very clearly that the impact of emerging technologies on business and the gravitational pull of digital are inevitable.

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2. You would need to create value from data by using new machine learning, artificial intelligence, and smart network tools to dominate the next economic cycle.

3. Decision-makers are viewing digital as a platform to generate revenue and they are investing in new technologies to save costs down the road and these savings will further act as fuel to further propel their digital journey.

4. If you don’t use technology to minimize costs, glean insights from data generated by your business processes or automate in a determined manner then you are definitely going to miss the digital shift.

5. Strong and confident leadership is need of the hour for European companies to secure their digital futures by finding the right talent, strength and money which is the key to navigate the digital shift.

Final Words!

As digital tools and technologies are reshaping industry structures, you would need to step forward and prime your organization for the task ahead. You can get in touch with software development experts at Helios Solutions and discuss your business needs and seamlessly bring the physical and virtual together. Moreover, we can help you make your digital investments cost effective so that you can use the saved money to fuel your digital journey forward.

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