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Are you a merchant or web agency looking for modernizing your store? Well, you can explore the enormous power of Virtuemart extension that goes hand in hand with Joomla technology. VirtueMart is an ecommerce extension for Joomla. Easy to use for beginners and experts, it offers thousands of built-in features to create professional store in no time.

Outsourcing Virtuemart India

So if you think your business is unique and needs specific functionalities, Joomla platform is what you can rely on. It is very easy to extend the functionalities of VirtueMart eCommerce extension by adding Plugins, Components, Templates and Modules to your shop.

The greatest benefit offered by this feature-rich extension is that you don’t need to install Joomla separately as Virtuemart comes with preinstalled Joomla. So all you need to do is to seek a stalwart Joomla development specialist who has dab hand at everything about Joomla and Virtuemart development. Though it is easy to develop, allowing him to do the coding, configuration and customization will surely save the bother because the expert knows the best. It will give you the advantage of focusing your attention and resources on more ticklish business processes.

With the help of such e-commerce solutions, customers can have a fantastic user experience on your online store and better scope of customer engagement.

In order for your Virtuemart eCommerce website development outsourcing to be successful, the following are the points that need to be included in your must-have checklist: 

  • VirtueMart is highly configurable and customizable solution for Joomla 2.5 and 3 with a large number of additional extensions. So before you sign up with any development services, check if they have worked with Joomla.
  • Do they know different extensions for Virtuemart eCommerce to give you the best advantage? Check if they are aware of prerequisites – components, templates and modules that will keep your online store up-to-date and smart.
  • No matter how simple and easy Joomla seemingly sounds, the installation and integration of assorted plugins will take an expert’s eye and skill. So make sure you are giving the task in to the right hands to take care of payment, shipment, coupons, calculation rules, custom product fields.
  • Media buttons and integration of social channels are quite essential. So check for the developer’s ability to implement Meta tags and SEO parameters to give you the best chance to shine on Google search pages.
  • Do the developers know about eCommerce security? As your database is full of with bulk of user’s personal data, it requires highest privacy and security standards.
  • The web development company you are dealing with ought to provide you with a past example of successful eCommerce store development with Virtuemart installation. The past experience confirms how skilful and authentic their services are.
  • Inquire every detail of their official website that exudes trust and credibility. Portfolio, reviews, certifications, testimonials are a few benchmarks that speak of their experience and commitment.

If you want to hire the VirtueMart Development Specialist and know more about our professional services dedicated to making your website user-friendly, get in touch with us. When you feel the need for getting instant access to technical information, would be the best place for you.

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