About the Project

A Norwegian client who had a SaaS (Software as a Service) Learning Management System for conducting user surveys, needed to improvise the existing application by changing the interface, optimising the performance and adding more functionalities. As the existing application seemed outdated, they required to recreate the complete application from scratch, using the latest software technologies. The upgrade of the application should have the a better structure and enhanced UI.


  • Angular
  • C#

“We built a solution that eased the process of conducting surveys and thereby eliminated any data collection discrepancies.”


  • A platform that can be accessed and utilised by many companies
  • A way to analyse the results collected from the surveys
  • Redesigning of the existing User Interface
  • Graphical representation of survey results
  • Conducting surveys and keeping a record of the same


  • The design and UI considerations
  • Designing the functionality that could represent results graphically in the form of charts
  • Enabling reusability of surveys


  • Single cloud-based system that enables multiple companies to utilise it
  • Enabling the creation of templates for facilitating reusability of survey questionnaires
  • Configurable formats for questions and responses
  • Easy data analysis of received responses through charts
  • Extracting contact details in bulk from excel sheets