About the Project

Our Client from Norway required to automate the process of scheduling appointments, record keeping, and the management process for Psychiatrists. They were looking for a technology solution that enables Psychiatrists to save time and serve patients efficiently.


  • PHP
  • Symfony

“We enabled psychiatrists to conserve valuable time and schedule more patient appointments per day which, resulted in a shorter waiting period for patients.”


  • Improve productivity of Psychiatrists and give better services to patients.
  • Automation of processes to reduce manual recording.
  • Calendar for appointment scheduling.
  • Journal for Psychiatrists for notes, history and management of patient appointments.
  • Highly secure system for Psychiatrists’ journals (Confidentiality).


  • Sync of Appointment Bookings with Calendar
  • SSN – Social Security Number Authentication
  • Iron-clad Data Encryption for Journals Containing Confidential Data


  • Ease in recording patients’diagnostic details
  • FullCalendar JS for a Dynamic Calendar with Appointments
  • Unique Encryption Key for Securing Journal & Profiles
  • Signere.no API for SSN- Authentication for Psychiatrists’ login


Psychiatrists can easily maintain a schedule of appointments.
Recording of patients’ diagnosis is convenient with Journal.
Manual recording and data management is eliminated.
Patient data is easily accessible even when the therapist is away.
Highly secured web application that protects sensitive information.