IoT Healthcare Services and Applications

The healthcare industry is undergoing rapid changes as it seeks to address a myriad of challenges — from an aging population and rising costs to healthcare automation and medical mistakes. Internet of Things (IoT) for healthcare holds the key to how to meet all these challenges. In fact, it is dramatically reshaping medical treatment, services, and patient experience.

Helios Solutions helps healthcare services providers deploy solutions to meet the widest range of use cases utilizing the power of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), IoT-based preventive & predictive maintenance, connected devices, and big data/analytics. Our IoT solution architects, IoT cloud developers (AWS IoT developers and Azure IoT developers), and other technology experts enable healthcare organizations to harness the potential of the IoT revolution.

IoT Services in Healthcare

IoT App Development

Helios Solutions helps you elevate the efficiency of patient monitoring and healthcare provision through end-to-end IoT app development services for healthcare.

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IoT Integration

Whether it is Azure Cloud integration, BizTalk integration, or IoT integration services, Helios Solutions helps you integrate multiple heterogeneous components to get a unified view of the metrics and data and thereby facilitate smart healthcare.

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IoT Testing

The quality assurance team at Helios Solutions helps you develop QA strategy and frameworks that validates IoT applications with in-depth mobile and cloud enterprise architecture capabilities.

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IoT & Big Data Analytics

Helios Solutions helps you develop IoT and Big Data blended smart solutions that allow you to easily collect, process, and analyze data on patients, interventions, and medications.

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IoT for Physicians

Physicians or personal nurses can keep accurate track of their patient’s medical diagnostic status through connected devices and other home monitoring equipment. Be it planning the patient’s treatment schedule or staying alert about the patients who require immediate medical treatment is all made easy for physicians with IoT.

IoT for Hospitals

IoT-powered solutions allow hospitals to improve patient experience while focusing on overall cost savings. The concept of connected devices can be used to track the real-time location of medical equipment such as wheelchairs, defibrillators, nebulizers, oxygen pumps and more. Furthermore, the deployment of medical staff at different places can also be analyzed in real-time.

IoT for Patients

IoT-based solutions have the potential to not only keep patients safe and healthy but to improve their daily living as well. The use of wearable devices can help patients gather and analyze medical information such as vital statistics, medication adherence, and even sleep breathing patterns.

IoT for Payers

Health insurance has changed over time, but with the advent of IoT apps for it, the potential for change is high. Payers can leverage data captured through health monitoring devices for their underwriting and claims procedures. This data will allow them to detect fraud claims and identify prospects for underwriting.

Key Challenges in Healthcare

Some of the most pressing issues in healthcare are as follows:
Patient Care & Safety
Healthcare Automation
Medical Errors
Effective Disease Diagnosis
Efficient Medication Tracking
Personalized Medication
Rising Costs

IoT Healthcare Solutions

Remote Patient Monitoring

The solution collects health related data (from individuals at one location) and securely transmits that data (to health care providers at a different location) for assessment and recommendations.

Wearable Apps

The solution brings mobility, live access to data, and context-awareness to the lives of users/patients. Examples include smart watches, wristbands, fitness trackers, and on-body sensors.

Remote Medical Assistance

The solution allows continuous monitoring of the patient’s condition and performance of preventive and control check-ups outside medical facilities.

Medical Asset Management

The solution uses transponders to help effectively manage and use medical equipment, optimizing inventory management and reducing human error in healthcare processes.

Healthcare Charting

The solution reduces manual work which a doctor or a physician has to do during patient charting. It is captures the patient’s data and makes it readily accessible for review.

Advanced Healthcare Mobility

The solution helps healthcare professionals facilitate mobility in their practice and collaborate on a secure platform for better patient outcome.
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