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Customers love it when you reach them in a personal way, they feel treated and elated. It is about touching the sensitive ‘Self Esteem’ part that is very important in a human’s life. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Self Esteem tops the hierarchy for humans.

When eCommerce development takes place on a massive level, there is a need to explore the possibilities of how you can effectively reach your customers. The eCommerce development platform is about customization and personalization, that way you are able to reach out to your customers in the most pleasing ways.

E-commerce Development Specialist

The Age of Personalization

The times have changed and the people are shopping online. Shopping online is also exploring new levels with improvement in every hemisphere. The age of personalization will further elaborate the understanding of many things.

Supporting Statistics:

  • According to a research from Invesp, 53% of online shoppers believe that personalization is valuable and up to 57% of shoppers are willing to give away their personal information in order to benefit from personalization.
  • 56% of customers are more likely to shop with retailers who offer personalization and 74% of them get frustrated if they see unrelated content.
  • 48% of customers spend more after personalized eCommerce as per survey by MyBuys.

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How to Personalize Services in eCommerce?

Target Audience Segmentation

Every user has a different purpose to visit your website, some wants to look for shoes and few wish to look for many things. Some are decisive and many are very indecisive. If you study your target audience’s behavior, you will be able to curate them for reaching out to each customer in a personalized manner.

Tracking of customers can help you achieve with tracking tools like Facebook Pixel or learning from Google Analytics, it is easier to reach the target audience keep their preferences and taste in mind. With the information on clicks, you can see the areas of interest and accordingly offer deals on that product or service.

This gives the customer the scope to act based on the offer on their interested item. This also makes them feel special and therefore a long term and more loyal relationship is established with the customers.

Get Direct Email Information

When customers have queries or have problems shopping on the platform, they generally send emails to communicate. This communication medium offers much data that can be examined to study the customer feedback or their experiences with your eCommerce platform. Web development experts generally offer an integrated direct email facility on the platform so that the customers can easily communicate with you. Also, a Live Chat Support acts good in cases like these.

In eCommerce website, the emails provide the best conversion rates when compared to other traffic sources, as mentioned by Monetate in a report. This rate has driven eCommerce websites to focus primarily on marketing and advertising through Newsletters. Many eCommerce platforms prioritize on Newsletters and Email Marketing as a way to convert customers.

The best way to utilize this communication tool to its fullest is by adopting the process of segmentation and create a list of preferences based on location and other such external factors that affect a customer’s buying behavior.

Adopt Up selling

If a person buys a burger, he is most definitely going to need a fizzy beverage along with it. And similarly, when a customer buys a phone, he might just need a cover or a pair of earphones along with it. So you can make the most of these opportunities. Up selling always results in increase in sales. When you have a customer visiting again, you can suggest them with products that are related to the earlier purchase. And if a new customer arrives, suggest products as per their interests.

The best way it is to create combos of products which are also a good way to up sell. This is one strategy biggest of the eCommerce platforms are applying these days, and many more are coming up with unique strategies to up sell. Create a plan and make sure you are giving!

Be a eCommerce Pioneer

If you have an eCommerce platform, make sure you have adopted to some personalization techniques as the others have already started and you don’t want to fall back. eCommerce development specialists are exploring possibilities for improving online shopping experiences. They are innovating new ways to automate personalized messages where chatbots and BigData is playing a big role. To have personalization features in your eCommerce platform, have a word with our team of experts.

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